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OilSafe dealer sample kit


The OilSafe Dealer Sample Kit is a package of sample products that are intended to give dealers and distributors a hands-on experience with OilSafe products.

The contents of the Dealer Sample Kit include:

  • Storage Lid - Mid Green
  • Utility Lid - Red
  • Stretch Spout Lid - Yellow
  • Mini Spout Lid - Black
  • Stumpy Spout Lid - Blue
  • 3 liter Drum
  • 5 liter Drum
  • 10 liter Drum
  • Standard Pump
  • Stretch Spout Hose Extension
  • Stumpy Spout Hose Extension

OilSafe dealer sample kit - #102101

The Dealer Sample Kit is designed to showcase the durability, quality, and versatility of OilSafe products. It can also provide dealers and distributors with the opportunity to educate their customers on the benefits of OilSafe products and help them select the appropriate lubrication management solutions for their needs.

Overall, the OilSafe Dealer Sample Kit can be a useful tool for introducing potential customers to the benefits of OilSafe products and building relationships with dealers and distributors in various industries.

OilSafe Lids

OilSafe lids are available in 10 colours and 5 styles, designed for use with any of the  3, 5, or 10 litre OilSafe drums.

  • Stumpy Spout Lid - ideal for when higher lubricant flow required
  • Stretch Spout Lid - ideal for precise pouring of lubricants
  • Mini Spout Lid - ideal for very small fill holes
  • Utility Lid - ideal for controlled fast pouring or matching with an OilSafe Pump
  • Storage Lid - convenient alternative to bulky 20 Liter Drums

Colours: Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Green, Gray, Mid Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

OilSafe Drums

OilSafe drums are known for their high quality and durability. OilSafe manufactures a range of storage and transfer containers, including drums, which are designed to meet the needs of various industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and mining.

Here are some reasons why OilSafe drums are considered high quality:


OilSafe drums are typically made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is resistant to chemical corrosion, impact, and UV radiation. HDPE is a durable material that can withstand exposure to harsh environments and frequent use without cracking, warping, or degrading over time.


OilSafe drums are designed to be airtight and watertight, which helps to prevent contamination or leakage of the contents. The lids and seals of OilSafe drums are made to fit tightly, providing a secure seal and reducing the risk of spills or leaks.


OilSafe drums are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and they can be used for storage and transport. They are also available in different colors, allowing for color-coding to help prevent cross-contamination and identify contents quickly.


OilSafe drums are manufactured in compliance with various quality and safety standards, such as UN certification for transport of hazardous materials. This ensures that the drums are safe and reliable for use in different environments and applications.

Overall, the quality of OilSafe drums can be attributed to their construction, sealability, versatility, and certification. These features make OilSafe drums a popular choice for a wide range of industries that require high-quality, durable storage and transfer containers for their valuable materials.

3L, 5L and 10L drum in the Dealer Sample Kit

Standard Hand Pump

A standard oil pump can provide a number of advantages, including:

Efficient Lubrication:

The primary function of an oil pump is to circulate oil throughout an engine's various components to provide lubrication. A standard oil pump can efficiently deliver oil to the necessary parts, ensuring that they stay properly lubricated.

Increased Engine Life:

With proper lubrication, an engine can run smoothly, and the various components can last longer. A standard oil pump can help reduce wear and tear on the engine by providing a constant supply of oil to the moving parts, thus helping to extend the engine's life.

Consistent Performance:

Standard oil pumps are designed to provide a consistent flow of oil, which can help ensure that an engine operates reliably and consistently over time. This can be especially important in high-performance or demanding applications.

Improved Cooling:

Oil also helps to cool an engine by absorbing heat from the moving parts. A standard oil pump can help maintain proper oil flow and temperature, helping to prevent overheating and other related problems.

Reduced Maintenance:

A well-functioning oil pump can help reduce maintenance costs over time by minimizing the wear and tear on engine components. This can help to prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Overall, a standard oil pump can be an essential component of any engine, helping to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively over the long term.

OilSafe Standard Oil Pump

The OilSafe Standard Pump is the only manual transfer pump with a removable discharge hose for easy cleaning and drainage. Perfect for quickly and easily accessing hard to reach and time consuming top up points, such as gearbox and transmission applications.

When using a 10 liter drum, make sure that the sleeve of the pump is fully extended, otherwise it is not going to reach the end of the drum, and you are going to lose suction.

  • The tip on the discharge hose has a spring-loaded ball valve in there that will not allow it to leak when you are not using it.
  • This high quality down-stroke discharge pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 12 strokes and comfortably handles up to ISO 320 viscosity fluids (in normal operating temperatures).
  • For smaller filler hole applications add a Pump Reducer Nozzle accessory to the aluminum outlet nozzle of the Pump.

Weight: 2.2 lb / 1.0 kg

Standard Hand Pump OilSafe featuresOilSafe Standard Oil Pump

Spout Hose Extensions

Spout hose extensions for a drum lid are typically used to make it easier to dispense liquids from a drum. They are designed to attach to the lid of a drum and provide a longer spout or hose, allowing for easier and more controlled pouring of the liquid.

Some common features of spout hose extensions for drum lids include:


Spout hose extensions can come in a variety of lengths to suit different needs. Longer extensions may be useful for pouring into smaller containers, while shorter ones may be easier to manage for larger containers.

OilSafe stretch hose extension

OilSafe stumpy hose extension


Spout hose extensions are made of engineering plastic / PVC.


The spout hose extension must be properly fitted to the drum lid to ensure that it is secure and will not leak. The extensions include a threaded fitting that can be screwed onto the lid.

Overall, spout hose extensions for drum lids can be a useful accessory for anyone who needs to dispense liquids from drums. They can make the process easier, more controlled, and less messy, while also helping to prevent spills and waste.