Lubrication Storage System

The Storage System that guarantees clean oil

Lustor combines storage, filtration and breather technologies

Success of a lubrication programme depends on the methods applied for storing, transferring and applying lubricants to your machines. Cleanliness targets will never be reached if you start out with contaminated oil. That's why storage and handling is an important area, where the quality of your lubricants can be affected.

Consequently the first step to guarantee that clean oil enters your machine is to filter the oil to an acceptable level.

One of the techniques used to filter the oil is the use of a comprehensive lubricant storage system - Lustor! The bulk system that combines storage, filtration and breather technologies to keep lubricants clean and dry before they enter your equipment. A safe, efficient and convenient method of storing and dispensing lubricants. Lustor systems are an economical way to save space on plant floor, while keeping lubricants organised and contaminant free!

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Introduction to Lustor

This System was designed to store, clean and dispense lubricants in the workplace. The oil is decanted from the storage drum and stored in the Lustor System. This oil can be recirculated for additional filtering and again the oil is filtered when it is dispensed into an oil container via a flow meter.
"Lustor is a game-changer. It reduced downtime and maintenance costs significantly. Precise dispensing and sealed storage made our operations efficient."
Maintenance manger
Manufacturing Manager
"Lustor simplifies my job. Easy access to the right lubricant, filtration, and alerts keep our equipment running smoothly and reduce stress."

Maintenance technician
Maintenance Technician
"Lustor boosted productivity, lowered maintenance costs, and extended equipment lifespan. It's a must for any industrial facility seeking efficiency and reliability."
Plant manager giving a testimonial
Plant Manager

The Lustor System is available in two sizes: 125 litre and 250 litre . There is also a Wall Mounted System for use in conjunction with suppliers' drums. Each System can have a lubricant identification label located on the front of the system. 

All individual units are equipped with the Lubrication Reliability™ compliant basic components:

  • Heavy duty pneumatic oil pump

  • Hydraulic filter with saturation indicator

  • Filter cartridges selected for resp. lube type, viscosity and application

  • Desiccant protection breather to keep dust and moisture out

  • Lube identification label (colour/symbol/type/viscosity)

A range of accessories are available which includes underframes, retention tanks (bunds), hose pipes, oil containers, shelves, filter and pump upgrades and cupboards.

The system is designed to be user-friendly including features such as 3D oil sight glasses or levels, digital flow meter to keep track of oil consumption and to detect abnormal spills or lubricant use. Options such as hose reels, retention spill tanks, anti-static wiring, and so forth complete the line. 

The Lustor System conforms to EU Machine Directory 2006/EC EN ISO 12100:2010 and is CE marked and compliant.

Lustor Lubrication Storage System Line-Up

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System - 125 liter

125 Liter Tank

Part # LST-1-70-3-STD

125 litre standard tank

10 µm large filter

3:1 ratio pump

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System - 250 liter

250 Liter Tank

Part # LST-2-70-3-STD

250 litre standard tank

10 µm large filter

3:1 ratio pump

Lustor wall mounted system

Wall Mounted

Part # LSW-0-70-3-STD

Wall mounted standard

10 µm large filter

3:1 ratio pump

Lustor wall mounted system

What the Lustor System does?

  • Best practice Storage for Lubricants 
  • Improves Lubricant Quality 
  • Improves Machine Reliability 
  • Complies with Lubrication Reliability 
  • Improves Pride of the Lubricator
  • Decreases Maintenance Costs

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• Less Contamination • Safer Workplace • Help eliminate errors • Proper Practices • Less Workplace Violations • Increased Reliability • Longer Equipment Life • Lower Lubrication Costs • Less Downtime • Increased Production • Lower Maintenance Costs • Cleaner Environment

Explore the Lustor Tank

Explore the Lustor tank

System Dimensions

Lustor dimensions

Lustor System Dimensions



Maximum oil viscosity is 3000SUS. See chart below for flow rate corrections based on oil viscosity at ambient temperature

of 21°C (70⁰ F).


Oil temperature will affect output flow performance of pump and actual flow rate


All of the metals and seals used in construction are suitable with general purpose lubricants. If you plan to filter speciality lubri-

cants or have compatibility concerns, please see list of materials below or contact your Supplier:

material compatability lustor

Falling in Love with Lustor

Falling in love with Lustor

What can you expect when having ordered a Lustor

Lustor - The "Connect and Operate" System

All Lustor Systems are supplied with the main operating parts assembled, the tanks and piping mechanisms pressure tested, and the air controller set at the required operating pressure. This is to ensure that the installation at the customer is a simple process. 

The System is delivered pre-assembled and packaged. 

Place the box on a flat, clean surface and unpack the system from its protective cardboard box. 

The box contains 1 complete assembled system:

  • Tank
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Dispensing faucet (tap)
  • Oil consumption meter
  • Bulls-eyes
  • Hoses and couplings
  • Air controller and piping
  • Anti-static cable
  • Lube identification label
  • Spill tray
  • 1 x Desiccant Air Breather / dryer
  • 1 x Drum to System transfer hose (if ordered)
  • 1 x Tank connection bracket (in case of the 2 x LS250 liter units are double stacked)

Tools and Site Preparation

  •  Two people are recommended to complete this installation.
  •  A forklift will assist in placing the tanks and retention bunds into their correct position.
  •  Hand tools (adjustable wrench, level, and tape measure).

Set position for spill pallet/bund (if being used)

Place spill pallet on level surface, then place Lustor unit(s) on top of spill pallet for spill containment.


System room temperature should be in the range of 60°F (15°C) to 80°F (26°C) with optimum room temperature being 70°F (21°C). For ambient temperatures below 60°F (15°C) we recommend you consult the manufacturer or the supplier of your lubricant to ensure the properties of your lubricant will not be compromised by the operating temperature.

Unboxing the Lustor 125 litre system

Unboxing the Lustor 125 Litre System (excl. OilSafe drum and lid)

Spill pallet

Spill pallet

Installation and Assembly

The only installation and assembly required after receiving your product is:

  • the installation of the Desiccant Breather, and 
  • installing the Spill Tray component

Desiccant protection breather to keep dust and moisture out

  • Lubricant protection breather ( Z134 )
  • Diameter: 3.25" (8.3 cm)
  • 2-Micron filter for contaminant
  • Height: 3.25" (8.3 cm)
  • Mounting connection: 1/2" NPT
  • Desiccant for water absorption

Unpack the desiccant breather

Unpack desiccant breather
Desiccant breather Lustor
Install the Air Breather to the tank by screwing it (clockwise) into the threaded opening on the top of the Tank using the breather / tank adapter. Remove the elastic white band on the top of the Desiccant Air Breather to activate the breather.
Remove before Use - desiccant breather
Desiccant breather z134  Air Sentry
Desiccant breather z134  Air Sentry
Desiccant breather z134  Air Sentry

Spill Trays

All Lustor systems come standard with integrated spill trays, constructed with heavy-duty steel. 

The (removable) spill trays are for work place safety and an environmentally-friendly solution to costly spill clean-ups .

Installation of the spill tray

Spill tray

Remove the nuts from the studs on the system chassis to fit the spill tray chassis to fit the drip tray.

Install the tray
Install the tray

front screws include the front cover bump stops
Ensure that the front screws include the front cover bump stops
Inner spill tray
Inner spill tray comes with a protective plastic covering. Remove prior to fitting.
Insert the inner spill tray

Frequently Asked Questions about the Installation of Lustor


FAQ about the installation of Lustor

Is it difficult to install?

No they are not difficult to install. The systems come complete in one box, they have been pressure tested and the pumps have been tested at the manufacturing stage. To start to operate a system all that is need is an air supply set at 2 bar. The system will automatically pressurise and stop. The pump will only start operating when the dispensing tap is opened or the over filtering tap is activated. The instructional manual needs to be followed to mount them on the retention bunds and fill them with oil.

Can all systems run off the one air supply line?

Yes. However it is recommended the air supply has a main shutoff valve and air controller plus each individual system has its own shutoff valve. This gives the flexibility of shutting down system as and when required.

Are the systems tested for oil leaks before they leave the factory?

Yes, we run two tests on each system. The total system and tank is tested for leaks at a low pressure, It cannot be tested at a high temperature as the tank is plastic and can expand, however the test is for a lengthy period to ensure there is no drop in pressure. The pumping system is tested to 7 bar, This test ensures that all parts of the system that operate under pressure do not leak. The system cannot be checked with oil as the reside of the testing oil may not be compatible with the oil to be used in the system.

How often do I need to filter the Oil?

This will depend on how dirty the new oil is and the cleanliness standard you want to achieve. Once you have achieved your cleanliness standard additional over system filtration is not necessary. The system also dispenses the oil via the filter. It is however recommended that if any oil has not been used for a number of weeks the system is run.

When do I need to change the breather?

Only when the desiccant changes colour. The colour change will indicate that the gel is saturated and is no longer cleaning the air. As the system are recommended to be installed in clean, dry and temperature controlled environments then you will also get a very long life of the breather.


Pre-assembled Components

1. 10-micron large filter

To achieve and maintain the appropriate cleanliness level in the system, a 10 mµ Hydraulic filter with saturation indicator is installed.

Change/upgrades available to:

  • 3 mµ small filter cartridge
  • 3 mµ small filter / stat free cartridge
  • 3 mµ large  filter / high viscosity oils / stat free cartridge
  • 10 mµ small filter cartridge
  • 10 mµ small filter / stat free cartridge
  • 10 mµ small filter / stat free / high viscosity oils cartridge

2. Pneumatic 3:1 air pump

If the air-input pressure is 100 psi, a pump ratio of 3:1 will yield a fluid-output pressure of 300 psi. Upgrade to 5:1 ratio pump available (used with hose reel)

3. Dispensing tap

High quality auto-shut off tap. Self closing faucets assure no mess or waste when dispensing fluids from the Lustor System.

4. Oil consumption meter

A nice feature to track the oil consumption

5. 3-D BullsEyes*

The perfect solution for quick oil level inspection in the tank. The 3-D BullsEye* gives a 360°  view of oil clarity and colour, and monitors the oil level.

*The 3-D BullsEye is a clear cylinder made from one solid piece of acrylic with threading on one end and a rounded polished end for easier viewing of the oil on the other end.

6. Gauge

Filter heads have differential visual indicators for filter element indicators. They will turn red when filter element requires service.

7. Air Controller

It is recommended that the main air supply line to the system or lube room has a main shut off valve and that each system has its own individual shut off valve.

The air controller is preset during assembly. This is set to 2 bar, Do not run the System above 2 bar. Running above 2 bar can result in oil cavitation! 

It is recommended that the main air supply line to the system or lube room has a main shut off valve and that each system has its own individual shut off valve. The air supply line is recommended to be not less than 6 mm diameter.

When the System is used for the first time there may be some air that has been trapped in the piping System. This is normal and will not affect the System operation. Simply wait for the excess air to be depleted and fluids start to dispense normally.  

The air supply line is recommended to be not less than 6 mm diameter.

Coloured Ball Knob for Standard Steel Shut Off Valve

3. Dispensing Tap

Air controller Lustor

7. Air controller

vinyl graphics lustor

8. Lube Identification Label (colour/symbol/type/viscosity)

Lube identification labels are a key part of a world-class lubrication program. 

The label size gives ample space of utilising a symbol along with a colour to specify a particular lubricant for an application.

On the right you can download the Vinyl Graphics instruction manual.

Steel Bund/Pallet

All oil containers need to be stored on protective bunds to safeguard the environment from leaks. The Lustor System bund is powder-coated and designed specifically  to provide this protection.

It is long enough and large enough to accommodate 2 single systems 125 or 250 litre.

The steel bunds are fully welded, leak tested and are provided with forklift facilities for easy transportation.

Bund specifications:

Length = 1455 cm

Height on pallet = 55 cm 

Width = 735 cm

Weight = 60 kg

The capacity of the bund is 550 litres and is designed to meet the European Environmental Regulations, which must be 10% more than the largest single unit on the bund. 

Bund Lustor

Lustor System in Operation

The Lustor System has three different operation modes, whereby the lubricant is filtered throughout the whole process.

As is commonly known, incoming oil is not always clean. So it's essential to clean the lubricant before it's put into the tank. 


Mode 1 (Fill Mode)

Transferring oil from a pail, tote or drum into the Lustor reservoir.

Note: Cover is removed. 


Once the oil is in the tank and the lubricant has hardened for too long, the additives can settle down. Via the filter the lubricant can be recirculated.

Lustor in operation - mode 2

Mode 2 (Recirculation Mode)

This operation allows off-line filtration or recirculation of the oil in the Lustor reservoir (7-10 times total tank volume; 1 time action). The pump will circulate the oil in the reservoir, through the filter to improve oil cleanliness.


When taking the lubricant to the machine we can filter out of the unit into the refillable container.

Lustor in operation - mode 3

Mode 3 (Dispense Mode)

To dispense oil from the Lustor reservoir and into an OilSafe container.

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Lustor - Customers & Dealers

How will the Lustor System help me improve my reliability?

Equipment reliability is directly related to fewer breakdowns or maintenance interventions. Lubrication issues account for more than 60% of bearing problems and by eliminating or reducing these problems, equipment reliability will improve. Oil needs to be clean, dry and with well maintained physical properties, in order for it to do its job in a reliable manner. The Lube room is the base to set these oil standards and that is what the Lustor System does – it sets the standard by providing clean and dry oil from the lube storage.

Does the system meet environmental standards?

The most important issue with oil storage is one of preventing any oil spillage. All stored oil containers must be located on spill protection bunds. The rule most applicable to this situation is that the bund must have an oil storage capacity of 110% of the largest container stored on it. The Lustor System has specially designed bunds that meet this standard.

Is it CE marked / compliant?

Yes the system is CE marked and meets the European standards for health, safety and environmental issues.

Does one system cover all oil viscosities?

Yes one system can cover all oil viscosities, however the thicker the oil the slower the flow rates. Additionally the finer the filter medium the harder it will be to pump the oil through thicker oil.

What is the flow rate?

The flow rate will vary depending on your system configuration. The thicker the oil the slower the flow. Also it will be dependent on the level of filtration that you require. The finer the filter the slower the flow. We have not conducted tests for every viscosity oil in combination with every filter element size. Flow is generally not a problem. When the system is in over filtration mode it does not need stand by staff and when the oil is being dispensed into an OilSafe can the maximum amount to be dispensed is 10 litres.

What filter rating do I need?

This is dependent of what your target oil cleanliness level is. The standard model incorporates 10 micron filter elements, and these are Beta 200 rated. If cleaner oil is needed it may mean longer over filtering times to achieve target levels. A 3 micron filter is available if you want cleaner in a quicker time.

Can I connect Hose reels?

Yes the systems can be produced with a quick connector to attach wall mounted hose reels. When hose reels are connected we recommend that you use 5:1 ratio pumps.

Can the system be supplied as ATEX compliant?

No. ATEX compliancy is to ensure no electrical sparking can occur in the atmosphere, however the Lustor System unit do not have electrical system connected to them so no sparking can occur. However, when pumping oils systems can experience ESD (Electric Static Discharge) and this is very difficult to control.

Can a single Lustor be used for different grades at different times – for example storing hydraulic oil initially then next fill using same Lustor for store and dispense engine oils?

For 250 and 500 litre tank sized model it will be very difficult to clean out the oil from the previous operation, therefore we do not recommend using these system for different oils. This is not to say the system cannot be cleaned. On the wall mounted units it is possible as the oil is stored in the supplier barrels. However if you want to use the system for different oil, the filter element needs to be changed and the first pass of the new oil should be discarded.

I have a customer looking for a new lube bay, what do you suggest we offer?

The Lustor System is a modular approach for users who want to remodel their Lube room. The system is of a compact design providing Best Practices in cleaning, storing and dispensing oil. There are two different types of systems, one where the oil from the suppliers barrels is stored in the integrated Lustor System tanks and the second where the oil can be pumped or managed directly form the suppliers barrels.

Is the product difficult to sell?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. Yes if your own and your customers knowledge is limited about the benefits of using clean oil and No if your customer already has a good understanding of this subject. Most users today who have decided to remodel their Lube Room, already have an understanding about the benefits clean and dry oil have on machine or equipment reliability.

Who are the customers?

Any customer who has three or more different oils that are used in their plant and equipment.

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Lustor is available from stock

Available from stock


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Lustor Lubrication Storage System

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