Visual oil analysis products; don't underestimate the human eye

Oil Analysis Products

Don't underestimate the human eye!

The advantage of visual oil analysis products is that you get a real-time snapshot of what's happening with the level and quality of the oil inside your machinery, without shutting down anything. Many lubrication-related problems are caused by human judgment, but can also be traced and prevented by the human eye during regular visual inspections. Problems, which can a.o. be detected  by the use of oil sight glasses are:

  • too low/high oil levels in small gearboxes or pumps.
  • change in oil colour.
  • change in oil clarity

Most oil sight glasses offer 360-degree views and are made of polyamide, acrylic or co-polyester. Let's dive deeper in what these high-quality sight glasses, level monitors and multi-functional components can do for you.

Product Line-up Oil Sight Glasses (OSG)

3d bullseye sightglass

3D BullsEye

The flat front face  3D sight glass offers a 360-degree visual of the oil. It has a flat front with cross-hairs to check the oil level. The 3D BullsEye is made of Tritan, which gives the glass optimal visualization and a high durability rating. A built-in hex makes installation easy with a socket wrench or plier.
Hex-Duty-High-volume-high temperature-osg

Oil Sight Glasses

The Hex-Duty Oil Sight Glass is the perfect product for the most aggressive applications. 

High Temperature OSG is the solution when radiant heat is a factor.  Large Volume Oil Sight Glass provides the extra storage to keep water out of the oil until it can be drained.

Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP)

Condition Monitoring Pod

The Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) is an all-in-one sight glass. It consists of: a) a 3D sight glass, offering a 360-degree view; you can check the oil level, colour and clarity as well as eventual foaming, corrosion or wear debris. b) a visible magnetic plug inside the glass to capture wear debris and makes it easily visible.
Oil Level Glasses (oillevel indicator, oillevel monitor, column)

Columnar Sight Glasses

OSG & Level Monitor allow the user to view the oil colour, clarity, and accumulation of water or other contaminates. Oil Level Indicator (OLI) is used to gauge the oil level inside large tanks, gearboxes and reservoirs. The Column allows you to visually inspect the condition and level of oil in pumps, gearboxes....

BS&W Bowl

Bottom, sediment and water (BS&W) Bowls are 2-in-1 devices, which act as a sight glass and a BS&W bowl. So you can visually inspect the oil and see potential debris and harmful contaminants like water and sediment. The Bowl is also made of Tritan co-polyester and provides a nearly 360-degree view of the oil.

The Hub

The Hub provides two lateral 1" NPT ports, two lateral 3/4" NPT ports and one central 1/4" NPT port that is designed primarily for a sampling valve.The lateral ports can be used to attach drain valves, filter carts, bowls, columns and sight glasses. The Hub is best used with the Column and Bowl.
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