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Spill Control - The start of a cleaner environment!

Investing in spill control  is increasingly important and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. With spill management we mean Prevention (catching the spill at the source) and Control (containment of the spill or leak and ensure that the contamination does not spread). Our society is increasingly critical of companies that pollute the environment, because the potential dangers and consequences of an accidental spill are immense. International laws and rules are also becoming increasingly strict. Anyone who is not up to date with the latest trends in spill prevention and spill management today may be presented with the bill at a later date.

In the first instance, it is important to take as many preventive measures as possible, which immediately contain any possible pollution. Examples of preventive measures are drip trays, spill decks, spill pallets, absorption material under leaking machines. All solutions that enable you to react quickly to potential problems and avoid excessive clean-up costs.

The spill control storage cabinets are designed to store and protect equipment and chemicals used in the clean up of hazardous waste spills. The cabinets are manufactured with high quality materials and designed to protect spill control equipment and materials from exposure to chemicals, moisture, dust ...

Product Line-up Spill Control

spill decks

Spill Decks

The modular spill decks are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 drum models and can be used alone for smaller containers or connected via link lock fitting to make a custom spill containment area for just about any application.
Spill Pallets 4 drums in line - low profile

Spill Pallets

The spill pallets are available for 1 and 4 drums. The raised edges on back and sides helps orient barrels on the pallet. All units are forkliftable and have removable grates for easy cleaning. Includes drain and plug.

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Designed with your efficiency in mind, keeps your employees and work environment safe from unexpected drum spills or leaks. 

Product Line-up Storage Cabinets

Steel Safety Lubricant Storage Cabinets

Steel Safety Lubricant Storage Cabinets

Ideal for the storage of lubricants in OilSafe cans & lids when fire proof rating is not compulsory. Other fire proof rated cabinets are available. Non fire proof but equipped with a retention bottom.
Workshop storaae cabinet

Workshop Storage Cabinets

The OilSafe Storage Cabinet will enable you to immediately store, organize and protect all your colour coded OilSafe lubrication reliability tools in a sturdy, workshop ready storage solution.

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Organise your lubricants and equiment with these high quality, workshop ready storage cabinets.

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