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Lubricants like oils and greases and lubrication in general are often perceived as backseat products and activities, not needing any special care. But gradually companies are realizing the massive savings  in both time and money to proper lubricant storage.

The condition and cleanliness control of lubricants have a high impact on the condition of your machinery. In fact, increasing the cleanliness level of new oils by pre-filtration and proper storage in the best conditions can result in 2 to 10-times longer-lasting machine components (gearboxes, diesel engines, even hydraulic systems).  


Let us walk you through our assortment.

The assortment, which will keep your oil clean and help maximise machine life!

Oil Transfer Equipment

1. Oil Transfer Equipment

Have you ever left your lubricants, that you depend on to lubricate your machines, open to dirt and moisture? Then no doubt you still use the old oil can with rags. 

The reason that your expensive lubricants run the risk to get contaminated by dirt, water and other particulates. And even worse… your equipment get contaminated too. Since the smallest particulates can cause asset components to fail prematurely. .

OilSafe Greae Guns

2. Grease Equipment

Once the correct grease has been selected, it has to be applied properly with the right amount at the right frequency. There are many different options for doing this. Ideally, a small amount should be applied more frequently. This is the advantage of using an automated system, such as single-point lubricators and centralized grease systems. The most common application system, though, is still the manual grease gun.

Labels and Labelholders for clear identification

3. Labeling & Identification

To ensure that the right lubricant is added to a piece of equipment, a labeling system is needed. Labeling is just as critical as periodic filtration, and without proper labeling it is very easy for lubricant cross contamination to occur. To avoid errors of mixing lubes and to support industry standards, particularly in the food-grade industry, a good labeling system is necessary.

4. Bulk Oil Storage

Cleanliness control of new and stored lubricants is a basic issue, with small investments but huge return. It’s all about improving the quality of new lubricants and protecting these lubes from environmental contamination like moisture, dirt, chemicals and so on.

Today many innovative solutions are available to properly store and condition lubes:  the best have dedicated tanks with pumps and filters for online filtering, proper identification and have protections like desiccant breathers.

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Bulk Storage Systems

The system provides value right out-of-the-box. High quality auto shut off tabs, integrated spill containment and removable stainless steel drip trays prevent hazardous spills.
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Lubrication Storage Systems

The bulk system that combines storage, filtration and breather technologies to keep lubricants clean and dry before they enter your equipment. A safe, efficient and convenient method of storing and dispensing lubricants. Lustor systems are an economical way to save space on plant floor, while keeping lubricants organized and contaminant free!
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Lubristation Lube Rooms

The Lubristation® family is a range of lubrication storage, conditioning and distribution solutions. All systems are custom to suit our clients needs and cover all possibilities from the very basic requirements to specifically made units providing the best in cleanliness control. 

Bulk storage systems enable you to take immediate control over your lubrication workflow process.

More tools to keep your equipment up and running

Desiccant Breathers Air Sentry

5. Desiccant Breathers

Desiccant breathers adsorb water from the air before it enters your fluid system and remove particulate contaminants as small as 2 microns.
Advanced machinery lubricant inspection technology for machine condition monitoring and reliability

6. Visual Oil Analysis

Daily visual inspection is one of the most effective ways to ensure reliability. Giving you an excellent picture of your machine health.

Desiccant Breathers Air Sentry

7. Cabinets and Spill Control

High quality Storage Cabinets and Fluid Safety Cabinets instantly organize your lubricant and equipment area. 

The Spill Decks and Pallets are designed with your efficiency in mind. They will keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected drum spills or leaks.

Advanced machinery lubricant inspection technology for machine condition monitoring and reliability

8. Field-to-Lab Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a preventive maintenance tool that uncovers fixable problems before they become catastrophic failures. For you, it means less unscheduled downtime and increased equipment reliability, productivity and profitability.

●  Extend oil drain intervals
●  Extend equipment life
●  Identify problems before equipment failure

The first step to improving your maintenance and reliability program.