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The OilSafe Lubrication management system establishes best practice throughout your facility. Every step is colour-coded to eliminate risk and human error, simplifying maintenance and extending the life of your equipment.

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OilSafe general catalogue 2024

OilSafe General Catalogue


Lubrication Management


Lustor Bulk System

Product Data Sheets OilSafe

Data Sheet OilSafe

OilSafe Filtration Units




Quick Connects


Used Oil Skids


Sight Glasses

OilSafe satellite lube room

Satellite Lube Room


Breather Adapter Kits

Oil Transfer Equipment OilSafe

Oil Transfer Equipment

OilSafe Grease Guns and Accessories

Grease Guns & Acc.

OilSafe identification and labeling

Identification & Labels


Product Portfolio

OilSafe-Air Sentry - Lustor

OilSafe-Lustor-Air Sentry

Advanced Bulk System

Owner's Manual Advanced Bulk Systems

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Owner's Manual Lubrication Work Center

55 gallon drum work station OilSafe

Owner's Manual 55 gallon Drum Work Station

Advanced fluid handling cart OilSafe

Owner's Manual Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

Bulk fluid transfer Skids OilSafe

Owner's Manual Transfer Skids

Tote dispensing system manual OilSafe

Owner's Manual Tote Dispensing System

Advanced Bulk System OilSafe models

Models Advanced Bulk System

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe models

Models Lubrication Work Center

OilSafe filtration units ownermanual

Filtration Units owner manual


Bulk System Filters

OilSafe Grease Gun Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for Grease Guns

Air Sentry logo

The Air Sentry® Desiccant Breather line sets the standard for contamination control. These breathers have state-of-the-art features that reduce particulate and moisture contamination, keeping your equipment and fluids lasting longer.

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Breathers and Adapters


Cement Industry

Air Sentry Guardian  many levels of protection

Guardian - Many levels of protection


Longest lasting Breather


Application Fields


Safety Data Sheets Breathers

Air Sentry desiccant breathers-extending fluid life saves money and downtime

Desiccant Breathers

Air Sentry desiccant breathers prevent dirt from entering your precious machinery

Desiccant Breather Series

How air sentry breathers work

How Air Sentry breathers work

nullAdapter Specifications.

Breather Adapter Kits brochure

Breather Adapter Kits

Air Sentry desiccant breathers-extending fluid life saves money and downtime

Desiccant Breathers

Air Sentry Guardian breathers

Guardian Breathers

Adapter specification charts

Breather Adapters

OilSafe Breather adapter kits

Breather Adapter Kits

Breather specification charts

Breather SpecsCharts

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Lustor - the bulk system that combines storage, filtration and breather technologies to keep lubricants clean and dry before they enter your equipment. A safe, efficient and convenient method of storing and dispensing lubricants.

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Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Lustor - The scalable solution

Lustor - The scalable solution

Lustor - the system that keeps your oil clean

Lustor keeps your oil clean

Lustor - wall mounted systemLustor - The wall mounted system

Lustor - the owners manual

Lustor - The owners manual

Lustor history

Ho ho ho it's Lustor time

How to apply vinyl graphics to your Lustor system

How to apply vinyl graphics to Lustor

Lustor flyer - english

Lustor flyer (E)

BOP20 and BOP60 pumps

The Macnaught's BOPs (Battery Operated Pumps) are portable and rechargeable 18 volt operated pumps, designed to improve workshop efficiency. Start here to download BOP-documentation:

BOP universal flyer - Universal Battery Operated Pump

BOP Universal flyer


BOP product datasheets

BOP Powerhead flyer

BOP Powerhead

BOP inline meter

BOP Inline Meter

BOP Instruction Manual (v15)

BOP Instruction manual


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Lubrication monitoring and inspectionProduct catalogue

How to install oil sight glasses

How to install oil sight glasses

How to monitor health of visual oil analysis products

How to monitor health and lube levels

FAQ Oilsightglasses

FAQ about oil sight glasses

Product catalogue LunetaLuneta Product catalogue

Condition Monitoring Pod Installation Instructions

How to install oil sight glasses

Bowl - Luneta - Enluse

The Bowl

The Column - Luneta

The Column

The Hub - Luneta

The Hub

The Pod - Luneta

The Pod (CMP)

The sight glass - Luneta

Sight Glass

FanPro - Fluid Analysis Programme

FanPro - Fluid Analysis Programme

FanPro Analysis Report

Analysis Report Horizon

ISO 4406

ISO 4406

FanPro Standard Oil Tests

Standard Oil Tests

FanPro Special Oil Tests

Special Oil Tests

Handling instructions for sampling pump

Sampling Pump


Total Program Management is on your Horizon



Where Testing

Where Testing

What testing - FanPro

What Testing

Sampling kits and equipment

Sampling kits and equipment


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The WinnerWheel

Lubricant storage cabinets - Enluse

Steel Safety Lubricant Storage Cabinets

Lube Cart vf - Enluse

Lube Cart vf

Improved Lubrication Practices - one system, one result

Improved Lubrication Practices

Lubristation-Lubrication Reliability Best Practice

LR Best Practices