5 OilSafe lids in 10 colours

The 5 OilSafe Lids

OilSafe offers five (5) different types of lids in 10 colours designed for their containers, each serving specific purposes.

Utility Lid

The OilSafe Utility Lid is an indispensable companion, serving as a crucial addition when utilizing the premium pump and standard OilSafe pump. Crafted from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this essential lid ensures a secure seal, guarding against the intrusion of dust, dirt, and contaminants. Whether paired with the advanced precision of the premium pump or the trusted performance of the standard OilSafe pump, the Utility Lid enhances the integrity of your lubrication process, promoting longevity and reliability throughout your machinery's lifecycle.

Utility lids OilSafe

Sealed to Perfection, Safeguarding Your Fluids: OilSafe Utility Lid

Stretch Spout Lid

The OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is a specialized lid that incorporates a flexible spout. The lid is made of HDPE and features a stretchable spout that can be extended to reach into tight or hard-to-reach areas. This lid allows users to precisely pour fluids without spills or wastage, making it ideal for applications that require accuracy and containment.

Stretch spout lid

Here are some key aspects and benefits of the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid:

Flexible Spout Design: The standout feature of the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is its stretchable and flexible spout. This design allows the spout to extend and reach into tight spaces, corners, or hard-to-access areas, which might be difficult to reach with traditional rigid spouts. This flexibility enables precise pouring and minimizes the risk of spills or splashes.

HDPE Construction: The lid is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable and robust material that is well-suited for industrial use. HDPE offers resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and wear, ensuring the lid's longevity even in demanding environments.

Accurate Fluid Dispensing: The stretchable spout of the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid enables users to achieve accurate and controlled fluid pouring. This is particularly important in applications that require precise measurement and containment, such as lubrication, fluid transfer, and maintenance activities.

Minimized Wastage: With its precise pouring capabilities, the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid helps minimize wastage of fluids, which can lead to cost savings over time. The controlled flow ensures that the right amount of fluid is dispensed without unnecessary spillage or overfilling.

Enhanced SafetyThe ability to access tight or difficult-to-reach areas without compromising safety is a key advantage of the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid. Operators can maintain better control over the pouring process, reducing the risk of accidents or exposure to hazardous substances.

Versatility: The OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is versatile and adaptable to various fluid management systems. It can be used with a range of OilSafe containers and accessories, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows.

Visual Management: Like other OilSafe products, the Stretch Spout Lid may come in a variety of colors. This color-coding system helps organizations establish clear visual management practices, enabling easy differentiation between fluids and preventing cross-contamination.

Ease of Use: Despite its innovative design, the OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid remains user-friendly. Operators can quickly learn to extend and retract the spout, making fluid transfer operations efficient and hassle-free.

The OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is a versatile and practical tool that combines flexibility, accuracy, and durability. Its ability to reach challenging areas while ensuring precise pouring makes it a valuable asset in industries where fluid control and containment are crucial.

Extend Precision, Embrace Efficiency: OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid – Pouring Perfected

Mini Spout Lid

The OilSafe Mini Spout Lid stands as an innovative iteration within the OilSafe lid range. With a deliberate focus on practicality, this variant features a compact spout, distinguishing itself from the Stretch Spout Lid with its smaller yet equally efficient design. Engineered for precision, the Mini Spout Lid facilitates controlled and precise pouring of fluids, mirroring the functionality of the Stretch Spout Lid but in a more condensed form. This tailored design proves especially advantageous in situations where space is at a premium or when working with smaller volumes of fluids. From confined work environments to applications requiring meticulous fluid management, the OilSafe Mini Spout Lid shines as a versatile solution that upholds the standards of reliability and convenience synonymous with the OilSafe brand.

Mini spout lid OilSafe

Pouring Precision, Compact Excellence: OilSafe Mini Spout Lid.

Stumpy Spout Lid

The OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid is designed for efficient and fast pouring of fluids. It features a short and wide spout, allowing for quick flow rates and easy handling. The Stumpy Spout Lid is particularly useful in applications that require rapid dispensing, ensuring efficient fluid transfer while maintaining a secure seal when not in use.

Stumpy spout lid  OilSafe

Here are some key features and benefits of the OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid:

Efficient and Fast Pouring: The short and wide spout of the Stumpy Spout Lid allows for rapid flow rates of fluids. This design minimizes the time required for transferring liquids from one container to another, increasing overall productivity in various applications.

Quick Dispensing: The Stumpy Spout Lid is particularly suitable for situations that demand swift and precise dispensing of fluids. This makes it an ideal choice for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture where time-sensitive operations are common.

Easy Handling: The ergonomic design of the Stumpy Spout Lid makes it easy to handle and maneuver, reducing the likelihood of spills or accidents during pouring. Its user-friendly construction helps operators maintain better control over the pouring process.

Secure Seal: When not in use, the Stumpy Spout Lid maintains a secure seal, preventing leakage or contamination of the stored fluids. This feature is crucial for maintaining the quality and integrity of the fluids, especially in environments where cleanliness and precision are paramount.

Versatility: The OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid is compatible with various OilSafe containers and accessories, allowing for seamless integration into existing fluid management systems. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to a wide range of industries.

Durability: Constructed from robust and durable materials, the Stumpy Spout Lid is designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Its sturdy build ensures longevity and reliability even under challenging conditions.

Colour Coding: OilSafe products often come in a variety of colours, including the Stumpy Spout Lid. This colour-coding system helps organizations establish visual management practices, making it easier to differentiate between different fluids and preventing cross-contamination.

The OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid is a specialized tool that enhances the efficiency, safety, and precision of fluid transfer processes. Its unique design elements and compatibility with other OilSafe products contribute to improved workflow and better fluid management practices in industrial and commercial settings.

Efficiency Poured, Precision Secured: OilSafe Stumpy Lid at Your Service

Storage Lid

The OilSafe Storage Lid is a solid lid that securely fits onto OilSafe containers. It is primarily used for sealing the containers during storage or when they are not in use. The Storage Lid ensures a tight seal, preserving the integrity and cleanliness of the stored fluids. It prevents accidental spills or leaks, offering reliable protection for the contents of the container.

Storage lid OilSafe

Preserve with Confidence: OilSafe Storage Lid - Secure Sealing for Fluid Integrity

Accessories for OilSafe Lids

OilSafe offers a range of accessories that can be used with their lids to enhance functionality and accommodate specific needs. Some of the commonly available accessories for OilSafe lids include:

Accessories for drums and lids

Guide to Selecting the Perfect Container and Lid

Having the right container and lid is essential for seamless operations and ensuring the longevity of your valuable lubricants.

Handy overview OilSafe lids and containers