The 5 OilSafe Lids

OilSafe offers five (5) different types of lids in 10 colours designed for their containers, each serving specific purposes.

Utility Lid

The OilSafe Utility Lid is a type of lid designed for OilSafe containers. It is typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The Utility Lid is a basic, flat lid that provides a secure seal for the container, protecting the contents from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. It is commonly used for general-purpose storage and transportation of fluids.

Utility lids OilSafe

Stretch Spout Lid

The OilSafe Stretch Spout Lid is a specialized lid that incorporates a flexible spout. The lid is made of HDPE and features a stretchable spout that can be extended to reach into tight or hard-to-reach areas. This lid allows users to precisely pour fluids without spills or wastage, making it ideal for applications that require accuracy and containment.

Stretch spout lid

Mini Spout Lid

The OilSafe Mini Spout Lid is another variant of the OilSafe lid. It is designed with a smaller, more compact spout compared to the Stretch Spout Lid. The Mini Spout Lid offers controlled pouring of fluids, similar to the Stretch Spout Lid, but in a smaller form factor. It is suitable for applications where space is limited or when dealing with smaller quantities of fluids.

Mini spout lid OilSafe

Stumpy Spout Lid

The OilSafe Stumpy Spout Lid is designed for efficient and fast pouring of fluids. It features a short and wide spout, allowing for quick flow rates and easy handling. The Stumpy Spout Lid is particularly useful in applications that require rapid dispensing, ensuring efficient fluid transfer while maintaining a secure seal when not in use.

Stumpy spout lid  OilSafe

Storage Lid

The OilSafe Storage Lid is a solid lid that securely fits onto OilSafe containers. It is primarily used for sealing the containers during storage or when they are not in use. The Storage Lid ensures a tight seal, preserving the integrity and cleanliness of the stored fluids. It prevents accidental spills or leaks, offering reliable protection for the contents of the container.

Storage lid OilSafe

Accessories for OilSafe Lids

OilSafe offers a range of accessories that can be used with their lids to enhance functionality and accommodate specific needs. Some of the commonly available accessories for OilSafe lids include:

Accessories for drums and lids

Guide to Selecting the Perfect Container and Lid

Having the right container and lid is essential for seamless operations and ensuring the longevity of your valuable lubricants.

Handy overview OilSafe lids and containers

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