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Identification Labels

A good identification system is a key element to prevent cross-contamination

Lubricant Identification from Bulk System to Point of Use

Using the wrong lube can be just as damaging as not lubricating at all. It can lead to asset failure, but it may also void the machinery's warranty. Those problems result in increased spending, since the assets need to be replaced. However, when having multiple lubes and lubrication points in your factory mistakes will happen. 

Key element of oil application is preventing cross-contamination, which can most easily be achieved by a good identification system. Next to good filtration, high quality breathers and filter carts, a colour-coded labeling system is an integrated part of contamination control. 

The colour-coded labeling system comprises two core components: Identification Labels and Label Holders.

Identification Labels
Label Holders

Identification Labels

Oilsafe's customisable label system eliminates mix ups and lets you be confident that the right lubricant will go into the right machine every time. It enables accurate and consistent lubricant identification from bulk storage, through transfer, to the fill point. 

The label-system combines the 10 OilSafe colours with geometric shapes. The advantage to utilise a symbol along with a colour (to specify a particular lubricant for an application) is, that you can expand the number of unique colours and shape combinations. Another advantage is that even inexperienced technicians can put the proper lubricant in the right place.                 

From Storage to Transfer to Identification, the visually intuitive OilSafe System is a simple and impactful way to improve reliability in your plant and extend the life of your equipment.  

Available industrial grade identification labels


Content Labels

Content Labels are available in 10 colours and have a large clear space for the addition of extra information. Material used: paper and adhesive. Available sizes: 2" round, 2" x 3.5", 3.25" x 3.25".


Pre-printed Labels

Pre-printed label sets are designed for increased workplace efficiency. Available in:

0.5" Adhesive Frequency Label - Daily, Weekly, Monthly.....

0.5" Colour & Fill Point - Available upon request

0.5" Shape, Colour & Fill Point - Available upon request


OilSafe Wizard & Custom Labels

An online tool that enables you to add your information into predefined identification label templates. Labels are produced to your design in economical quantities and shipped to your door. Very easy, cost effective and high quality identification labeling.


Custom Labels

If the identification solutions above do not meet your specific requirements, consult us to find out how we can help design and deliver your required labels to meet your unique needs.


Label Kits

Designed to match with pre configured Grease Fitting Protector Kits. These labels are provided with fluid identification information such as colour and shapes, and also include fill point numbers in a sequence appropriate for a unique equipment set. Fill point sequences are available 1-15 or 1-30. Custom configurations available on request.

Sample Point labels

Sample Point Labels

Clearly identify Lubricant Sample Points with these durable Plastic Card Labels – available in two formats and can be written on with marker pen.

Label Size Matrix

A variety of sizes to suit easy attachment of labels in the workplace
Label size matrix

Labeling Evaluation Kit

Labeling Evaluation Kit

The Labeling Evaluation Kit provides a wide range of products from the OilSafe Labeling System. It enables you to determine the components you need as well as how components combine into one integrated system.

The Kit includes a comprehensive selection of the products, including:
  • Label samples - various materials, sizes and designs.
  • Label Holder samples - pre-configured solutions for different labeling requirements and parts for further experimentation.
  • Guidance Sheets - best practice suggestions for common labeling applications.
Content Kit
A benefit to your lubrication program

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Label Holders

Identification solutions OilSafe

Durable and comprehensive colour-coded identification

The durable holders are strong enough to stand up to the challenges of any industrial environment. Label Holders are core components of the OilSafe System and are used for protecting, presenting and enabling attachment of labels. Integrate OilSafe products to manage your fluid transfer from bulk storage to point of use. Our visual lubrication system of products combines to identify, protect and reduce machinery downtime.

Label Holders Assortment Line-up

ID-tabs - ideal for fill points
Fill point ID washers - identifcition of machine oil and grease fitting fill points
Fill point ID washers
Grease fitting protectors
Grease fitting protectors
ID washer label clamp
ID washer label clamp
Swivel ID tab - improved visibility to fill point
Swivel ID tab
Label Wraps
Label Wraps
Label Pocket Frame
Label Pocket Frames
Colour-coded drum rings
Colour-coded drum rings
label pockets protect and secure labels
Label Pockets
Lockable drum ring, a secure way to attach label pockets and frames
Lockable drum rings

Drum Label Kits

The OilSafe Drum Label Kit is designed to accompany your colour-coded OilSafe Lid, Drum and Label . It protects the lubricant from contamination, reduced machinery downtime and minimises spills and accidents.

Drum Label Kits are available in 10 colours.

Each Kit includes the following colour-coded components which combine to form two (2) pre configured solutions for different labeling requirements and experimentation.

5 Label Holder components:

  • 1 x 3.5" Label Pocket
  • 1 x colour-coded label pocket frame
  • 1 x Lockable Drum ring
  • 1 x Label leash
  • 1 x Colour coded Drum ring.

Guidance Sheets

  • Best Practice suggestions for common labeling applications

Drum label kit

Drum label kit

Drum label kit

OilSafe colours

Combined with the OilSafe Container System, OilSafe labeling delivers unique safety and efficiency benefits:

  • no misapplication: right fluid into the right hole
  • no mixing of lubes: manage chain of custody
  • customisation: customer dynamic requirements
  • standardisation: best practice across multi-sites
Identification and Labeling System OilSafe

Identification and Labeling

Innovative, practical and durable integrated colour-coded labeling system. Ensures the right lubricant goes into the right machine.

Labels & Label Holders Directory

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