Who are we?

We are your Lubrication Reliability Supplier!

Enluse was founded in 2002, and has as its core objective, finding, educating and assisting a network of competent dealers and service companies that will help industries improve equipment reliability through better lubrication practices.

We are a small team of decentralised people, located across Europe with a wealth of knowledge about lubrication reliability.

Our product lines are recognized brands that provide strategic support in the efforts to achieve best practices in Lubrication Management.

Our successes have been the result of working with competent dealers and service companies, where together we have taken our Lubrication Reliability competencies and product lines to the end-customer.

Our programme is complete, however we are looking to expand our distribution network. 

Lubrication Reliability is a great business opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please reach out to us!

Service is the cornerstone of our business. We will partner with you to create a custom-tailored Lubrication Reliability Programme and assist you with managing and sustaining that program. 

Lubricant Storage, Identification, Handling and Dispensing products, Desiccant Breathers, Visual Oil Analysis,  Condition Monitoring, and Lubrication Management. Enluse are the Master Distributor for the OilSafe lubrcation products in Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

FanPro - Fluid analysis program

Oil Analysis Partner

Our contractor is a global Oil Analysis company, which we have chosen because of their global span, their wide knowledge in defining oil condition, and their supporting online trending software. All customised as the Enluse FanPro Oil Analysis program. 

After your sample has been tested, we get a copy of the report and can then relate these results to what is happening inside the plant and equipment in relation to Lubrication Reliability practices. We do have the Knowledge of what is Oil Analysis and more importantly, how the conditions reported in the analysis effect the 6 lubrication rights.

Oil Analysis is the litmus test for all the products and systems we supply. From the basic identification processes defining what oil goes in what equipment, how to dispense clean oil, what a best practice Lube room looks like, to what filtration processes and frequency is required. These are the basic fundamentals in the Enluse competency toolkit. Our Oil Analysis program gives us the knowledge to ensure none of the 6 lubrication rights are being missed.

The primary business objective with the Enluse Fanpro programme is to ensure that you receive speedy and correct information about the condition of your oil, a requirement needed to enact or achieve Best Practices in Lubrication Reliability. In other words Oil Analysis to us is a support service and not a profit making venture. 

Give us the chance to quote for your Oil Analysis Program – make Enluse your  Lubrication Reliability partner.

Owner of Enluse

Toon Van Grunderbeeck is a highly experienced professional within the sphere of Lubrication Management.  He has a BSc Engineering in Nuclear Technologies and a MSc Engineering in Plastic Processing Technologies (design, engineering  & processing)

For the past 20 years he has been an independent consultant and co-owner. Since 2023 he is the owner of Enluse B.V.

Toon has been active with the development of the Lubrication Reliability Strategy program and Best Practices for lubrication including Auditing & Assessments of the Lubrication Management in industrial plants.

Founder of Enluse

Ian Knight is widely experienced in the fields of Bearing and Industrial Maintenance and Reliability. He has over 35 years experience working in bearing Industry starting with Timken and then 31 years with the SKF Group. He started his career with Timken in the Australian manufacturing plant, where he transitioned into field sales and support in Victoria and Western Australia.

He started his own company Enluse B.V. in the The Netherlands in 2002 and retired in 2023.

Brands we trust

OilSafe Lubrication Management
Air Sentry desiccant breathers
Lubrication Storage Systems
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Guardian desiccant breathers
FanPro - Fluid Analysis Program
Luneta sight glasses
Esco sight glasses
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The origin of Enluse expressed in poetic form

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