Oil Transfer Hand Pumps

Your tools to reach your Lubrication Reliability Goals

Contaminated oil causes machine death.

Clean oil is one of the most important factors affecting the service life of all rotating machinery!

The pump is ideal for dispensing fluids into hard-to-reach fill ports

Manual pumps are portable, hand-powered pumps, dispensing oil from a container to machinery or transfer oil to small containers or reservoirs.

The OilSafe hand dispensing pumps come in two different forms: the premium and the standard pump. The pumps work with 3, 5 or 10 liter OilSafe containers and they are coupled by using a utility lid.

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Premium Hand Pump

The premium hand pump comes with colour-coded collars in the 10 standard OilSafe colours. (Fig. 1). Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 680, this high-volume downstroke pump delivers 1 liter or quart for approximately 12 strokes. The premium pump is equipped with:

  • a colour coded collar (available in the 10 OilSafe colours)
  • a port for a 3 or 20 micron breather
  • a port for a quick disconnect connection

If you want to go for a completely sealed container you go for the Quick- Connect-Quick-Disconnect-kit with the breather (Fig. 2), the quick disconnect coupling and the 5 ft dispensing tube with the quick disconnect coupling at the end (Fig. 4).

Putting this all together you have got a completely sealed containment unit. No chance of any ingression of contaminants from the air (Fig. 5).

For smaller fill hole applications add a Pump reducer nozzle accessory to the outlet nozzle.

Premium hand pump OilSafe

Fig. 1

Micron breather 3 or 10 micron for premium pump

Fig. 2

The breather is available as a 3 micron trap breather and a 10 micron baffle breather. Screw them into the accessory port of the premium pump and they will protect against airborne contaminants during the pumping process.
premium pump explained

Fig. 3

Premium pump quick connect kit

Fig. 4

Premium pump quick connect kit (hose + breather + male adapter for pump return port) 

Premium pump quick connect kit

Fig 5.

Premium Hand Pump Features

  • Removable colour-coded body collars to match the 10 colour coded OilSafe Utility Lid.

  • Highly efficient with approx.12 strokes to a liter, capability to handle ISO 580 viscosity oils.

  • Anti drip outlet - Supplied standard with a 5 foot anti-drip outlet discharge hose and colour-coded Body Collar.

  • Internals via quick release - for maximum life serviceable pump internals via quick release body collars.

  • Non-return discharge valve, which improves pump efficiency resulting in less time and effort required for oil top-ups.

  • Premium Pump comes standard with Nitrile O-Rings.

  • Viton O-Ring for oils where solvent content may be higher.

  • Comfortable: D-Handle Grip Design.

  • The premium pump is provided with a colour coded collar and 4" hose with anti drip nozzle.

  • OilSafe Utility Lid/Drum: Match with an OilSafe Utility Lid and a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart OilSafe Drum.

Standard Hand Pump

This high volume, down-stroke discharge hand pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 12 strokes. Perfect for quickly and easily accessing hard to reach and time consuming top up points, such as gearbox and transmission applications.

It matches with an OilSafe Utility Lid and a 3 - 5 - 10 liter / US quart container. The pump cannot be used with the 1.5 or 2 liter/quart drums.

Supplied with 5 ft removable discharge hose with a hook and anti-drip nozzle. The nozzle is made of aluminum and fits 1/2" and larger holes.

For smaller fill hole applications add a Pump Reducer Nozzle accessory to the outlet nozzle.

Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 460. 


Extension sleeve for premium pump

When using the 10 Liter Drum make sure you extend the sleeve all the way down, so that you are not losing suction. This replacement Extension Sleeve comes standard with a Nitrile O-Ring.

5 liter drum + standard hand pump

5 liter container with standard hand pump

Standard Hand Pump Features

  • This high quality down-stroke discharge pump is reliable and efficient manual transfer pump. Comfortably handles up to ISO 320 viscosity fluids (in normal operating temperatures)

      • Materials:

           - Pump body: nylon poly amide p.a.6

           - Pump shaft: mild steel

           - Pump cilinder: zinc plated mild steel

    • For smaller filler hole applications add a Pump Reducer Nozzle accessory to the aluminium outlet nozzle of the Pump.

    • Match with the OilSafe Utility lid and a 3, 5 or 5 liter OilSafe Drum.

      •  Sealing components: nitrile

      Standard Hand Pump OilSafe

      Lever Action Barrel Pump - Ideal for oil and oil based fluids.

      The Lever Action Barrel Pump is designed to fit containers ranging in size from 15 gallon (50 liters) through to 55 gallon (205 liters). This popular lever action pump is engineered for professional use.


      • A plated steel lever handle with rubber grip for convenience

      • Built in 1.5" and 2" bung for use on drums with either opening

      • Premium powder coated steel pump body with ribbed section aluminum die cast pump head for maximum strength

      • Curved metal spout and telescopic suction tube

      • Delivers approx. 1 liter per 12 strokes

      With a non return Viton® seal the pump can also be used with antifreeze, solvents, thinners, automotive additives, industrial chemicals and other non corrosive liquids.

      It is not suitable for water based fluids, gasoline and corrosive media.

      Lever action barrel pump - OilSafe

      Lever action barrel pump - OilSafe

      Barrel Equipment - For easy and efficient dispensing of oils and fluids from barrels.

      Rotary Barrel Pump for Industrial & Automotive Applications

      This heavy duty rotary barrel pump has an aluminum die cast body and includes a 2" cast iron bung adapter and die cast aluminum handle with security locking latch.


      • Complete with a 3 pc threaded suction tube for use on 15 gallons (50 liter) – 55 gallons (205 liter) barrels

      • Recommended for use with lubricating oils up to SAE 30, gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.

      • Do not use – with corrosive liquids, solvents, acids, alkalis etc • 1.8 m PVC nitrile delivery hose with metal nozzle, spring and hose clamp

      • Delivers approx. 1 liter per 12 strokes



      Never operate the pump near fire or source of spark.

      Some media may be explosive and dangerous to pump!

      Rotary barrel pump - OilSafe

      Rotary Barrel Pump

      Ideal for use in industrial and automotive applications!

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