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OilSafe Filtration Units

Filtration Units extend the life of your industrial oils, saving you time and money. They maintain purity from storage to application and eliminate cross-contamination with colour-coded, error-proof, flat face, zero-leak quick connects. Discover the cleanest and safest filtration systems on the market with three layers of spill containment to include a removable primary containment vessel, preventing spills and waste.

The BOP20 and BOP60 family

The recently improved BOP: a portable, 18-volt battery-operated oil pump designed to boost workshop efficiency while alleviating the fatigue often linked with manual pump operation. The Pump Stem stands as a groundbreaking innovation, enabling a single stem to proficiently handle various fluid types. The redesigned Pump Stem eliminates the requirement for specific stems per fluid, delivering a versatile solution that suits a wide array of applications effortlessly.

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Enluse B.V. is a specialised B2B industrial supply company in the field of lubrication management, serving a network of dealers / agents all over Europe. We are a small team of decentralised people located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK . The company is undergoing a B2B development / reorganisation, where webshop and online sales will be the dominant sales channel.