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OilSafe Filtration Cart

Filtration Units extend the life of your industrial oils, saving you time and money. They maintain purity from storage to application and eliminate cross-contamination with colour-coded, error-proof, flat face, zero-leak quick connects. Discover the cleanest and safest filtration systems on the market with three layers of spill containment to include a removable primary containment vessel, preventing spills and waste.

The BOP20 and BOP60 family

New in our assortment is the BOP20 and BOP60 family.  The Magnaught Battery Operated Pump is designed and madein Australia and is the industry's first, 18 volt rechargeable conveyance pump. The pump is robust, easy to use and to be used as a portable version. 

The innovative heart of the Battery Operated Pump is the motor drive unit itself, the powerhead.

Best is to have a number of different pump stems to suit every oil in your workshop. Every stem has an adjustment on the bottom, which is suitable for different depth drums.

At the top you have an adapter system, which suits different drum openings.

Easy control by the single handed 'on-demand' flow nozzle. The flow rate out of the nozzle is 3.5L/min., depending on the viscosity of the oil.

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OilSafe General Catalogue

Recently released, the OilSafe General Catalogue, which features hundreds of products in an easy-to-use indexed format.

  • Oil Transfer Equipment
  • Grease Equipment
  • Identification
  • Bulk Storage* and Handling 
  • Adapters & Breathers
  • Storage & Handling
  • Spill Control

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Enluse B.V. is a specialised B2B industrial supply company in the field of lubrication management, serving a network of dealers / agents all over Europe. We are a small team of decentralised people located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK . The company is undergoing a B2B development / reorganisation, where webshop and online sales will be the dominant sales channel.

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