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Oil Transfer Equipment

To keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer!

Sealable & reusable containers are great for topping up equipment!

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Open and galvanised containers?
Traditional oil cans contribute to contamination and misapplication issues. They are not labeled correctly and often have residual oil in them from previous use. 
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Dirty Oil?
There is a misconception that new oil is clean. Generally oil that is received in bulk tanks, drums should not go straight into your equipment. Always filter the oil before any top-up or fill is performed.
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Fluid Contamination?
Oil exposed to air will immediately become contaminated. The same goes for poorly stored fluids. It will lead to accelerated component wear, like:

- failures and costly down-times and repairs

- reduced productivity

- shorten fluid and component life

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OilSafe Oil Transfer Equipment isolate oil from the environment and provide the ultimate contamination control. They are ideal for mobile applications when you need to transport oil to another area within your plant. These handheld, resealable containers come in a wide range of 5 sizes and have the capability to be equipped with pumps and hose reels for dispensing oil. The colour-coded product range of OilSafe-containers provide:

  • easy dispensing without needing secondary tools such as funnels
  • a fully sealing product that prevents contaminants from getting into the oil
  • prevention from cross contamination and misapplication of oils

The Battery Operated Pump (BOP20) is designed for dispensing oil from 20 liter fluid drums. Its compact and portable design, along with its battery-powered operation, makes it ideal for use in a variety of settings where oil dispensing is required.

Product Line-up Oil Transfer Equipment

Oil Transfer lids & containers

The Best solution to keep oil clean and dry during transfer from bulk storage to point of use.
Standard and Premium Handpump OilSafe

Hand dispensing Oil Pumps

The pumps come in 2 different forms; there is a Standard and the Premium Pump.
Colour-coded quick connects


Disconnects (QD)

The QD offer a flexible, durable and safe hose interface for use with your lube equipment.

BOP20 starter kit

Battery Operated Pumps (BOP)

This Australian made product is the industry's first 18 volt rechargeable conveyance pump.

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