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Bulk Storage and Dispensing Systems

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The Top 3 Bulk Oil Systems:

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OilSafe Bulk System
OilSafe Bulk Systems
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Think how much better your operation will work with a lubrication system like this. OilSafe's heavy duty bulk storage system enables you to clean up and organize your lube room. Shift-in pre-assembled modules with integrated pallets for fast and easy installation.
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Lustor - Lubrication Storage System
Lustor Lubrication Storage Systems
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Lubrication Storage Systems
Lustor - The bulk system that combines storage, filtration and breather technologies to keep lubricants clean and dry before they enter your equipment. A safe, efficient and convenient method of storing and dispensing lubricants. Lustor systems are an economical way to save space on plant floor, while keeping lubricants organized and contaminant free!
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Lubristation Lube Rooms
Lubristation Lube Rooms
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The Lubristation® family is a range of lubrication storage, conditioning and distribution solutions. Custom made units, assembled with modular components in function of clients needs :

  • storage area ( compact or extended , fixed or mobile )
  • number and type of lubricants  (viscosity)
  • usage and packaging (bulk, 200 l drums, smaller cans)
  • budget (from basic solution to BEST PRACTICE with all options)
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There are still people who wonder why bulk storage systems are absolutely necessary. The answer is simple: "A proper tank is necessary to avoid contamination and to prolong the life of the lubricant in storage". Proper oil storage is critical to maintaining a clean and healthy fluid. Between bulk delivery and dispensing to the machine application many things can happen to the lubricant. With a Bulk Storage System the chances of having healthy machines with long service lives will greatly improve!

Apart from the 3 bulk oil systems mentioned above, please have a look at the other bulk systems:

OilSafe Bulk System

Advanced Bulk System

OilSafe Workcenter

Lubrication Work Center

OilSafe satellite lube room

Satellite Lube Room

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

Lustor Lubrication Storage System

Lubristation LCU


OilSafe Bulk fluid transfer Skids

Bulk Fluid Transfer Skids

Advanced fluid handling cart OilSafe

Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

OilSafe 55 gallon drum work station

55-gallon Drum Work Station

OilSafe Tote dispensing rack

Tote Dispensing Rack

OilSafe Used Oil skid

Used Oil Skid

Bulk fluid Filtration

Filtration Units

How do you avoid particulate contamination?

Component failure is mainly caused by oil contamination. So it’s logic that oil cleanliness is given a high priority. Consequently repair costs, downtime and machinery failure will be kept to a minimum.

New oil can be contaminated when leaving the refinery or during transport or during transfer to the oil tank or by the way new oil is stored.


Oil Storage

To avoid contamination, oil should preferably be stored inside and remained sealed until needed.

When storage of drums outside is unavoidable:

    • The drums should be stored horizontally and covered or store them at a tilt to prevent moisture from pooling and ingesting through the bungs.
    • The first-in/first-out method should be followed
    • Minimum possible quantities necessary should be stored. 
    • Use labels that resist moisture and sun damage

By doing so risk of product degradation and contamination are reduced.


When storing oil containers or drums indoors:

  • They are best stored on their sides (horizontally) with bungs at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. This prevents moisture from accumulating on the top and also minimizes the ingress of air through the bungs.
  • The storage area should be a clean, cool, and dry, free from extreme temperatures.
  • Minimize the presence of any contaminants.
  • Proper oil storage is critical to maintaining a clean and healthy fluid, thereby  improving the chances of having healthy machines with long service lives.

Bulk Storage Tanks

It is easier to maintain low particulate contamination levels when oils are stored in bulk tanks.


Because  they are normally closed to the atmosphere and the oil is dispensed via a pump or tap.


The advantage of Bulk Storage Tanks:

  • It helps keep workshops and outbuildings clean and tidy 
  • It keeps a safer working environment
  • It avoids contamination of products
  • It helps environment by using less packaging and by avoiding container spillages

Enluse can help you make the right choice for your situation. A wide range of bulk oil systems  is available. For more information, a quotation or technical advice please contact us.

Modern Lubricant Storage & Handling Practices are:
    • Clean
    • Organised
    • Safe
    • Efficient
Lubristation Lube Room


Lustor - it's all about caring and protecting

Lustor - Lubrication Storage System

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