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Bulk Fluid Transfer Skid

Bulk Fluid mobility in a safe and rugged form.

OilSafe Bulk Fluid Transfer Skid

Mobilise your fluids by transferring them safely utilising an OilSafe Bulk Fluid Transfer Skid. 

OilSafe Transfer Skids can be used to: 

  • Pump oils from drums through the filter and into the 120/240 gallon reservoir. 
  • Off-line filter the oil while it’s in the 120/240 gallon reservoir. 
  • Dispense filtered oils from the 120/240 gallon reservoir. 
  • They can also be used as an off-line filtration unit, capable of filtering other oils in equipment or drums before they are transferred. Both Suction and Discharge Quick Disconnects would be used for that operation. 

Bulk fluid transfer Skids OilSafe


  • 4-way filtration (fill, dispense, kidney loop & offline filtration capable 
  • Available in 2 tank sizes: 120 gal (454 l.) and 240 gal (908 l.)]
  • Built-in spill containment 
  • Integrated fork lift pockets provides easy and safe mobility via lift truck or pallet jack 
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pump options 
  • Standard 25µ Beta 2000 Spin-on-Filter for filling and dispensing 
  • Weight: 363 kg 

  • 25-ft Fluid Hose Reel and 25-ft Air Hose Reel (for Pneumatic pump option) 
  • MSHA accepted 811HT rated flame resistant Fire Suppression Hose Assemblies 
  • Desiccant Air Breather ensures cleanliness by removing airborne contaminants and moisture build up 
  • Delivered pre-assembled and ready-to-use 
  • Available in OilSafe’s 10 standard colours, and customised labeling for best in class fluid identification  
  • OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified

Illustration of valves

Bulk fluid transfer Skids OilSafe

Suction Valve

  • Valve Handle Down (as shown) is for suction from 120/240 reservoir.
  • Valve Handle Up: is for suction through 1” quick disconnect 

Valve Handle Positions

  • Upper Valve Handle is for directing discharge oil from the Transfer Skid. Valve Handle Up (as shown): will direct oil out of ½” quick disconnect.

  • Valve Handle Down: will direct oil to the hose reel and dispensing gun. Lower Valve Handle is for recirculation or discharging oil from the Transfer Skid. 

  • Valve Handle Up (as shown): will recirculate oil in the reservoir.

  • Valve Handle Down will direct oil for discharge from the unit.

Desiccant Breather

The Desiccant Breather is installed into the top of the tank in front of the oil pump and hose reel. The breather will be gold in colour when new and will turn dark green when it needs to be replaced. Various sizes and types of breathers are available.

Equipment Power Supply

  • Electrical motor requires 110VAC/15AMP electrical service or if ordered for 208-230VAC electrical service, 208-230VAC/10AMP service is required. A 3 foot electric cord with a 3 prong 115VAC outlet is provided for power input.

  • Air powered diagram pump will require approx. 30-60 psi at 5 cfm depending on viscosity of oil. A Pneumatic air hose quick connection port is provided for power input.

Suction valve -desiccant breather

Suction Valve

Valve handle positions

Valve Handle

Suction valve -desiccant breather

Desiccant Breather

On-Off switch electric motor transfer skid

On-Off switch electric motor transfer skid

Valve for controlling “on/off” function of pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Valve for controlling “on/off” function of pneumatic diaphragm pump.


  • 4, 7 or 25 µ filter
  • Tank Colour
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pump
  • Remote LED Display
  • Tank Overfill Alarm
  • Digital Metering Gun
  • Part # 894700 - 120 gal Fluid Transfer Skid 
  • Part # 894701 - 240 gal Fluid Transfer Skid 
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