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Advanced Bulk System OilSafe

Advanced Bulk Systems

OilSafe Bulk System

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Satellite Lube Room OilSafe

Satellite Lube Rooms

Think how much better your operation will work with a lubrication system like this. OilSafe's heavy duty bulk oil storage system enables you to clean up and organise your lube room. Shift in pre-assembled modules with integrated pallets for fast and easy installation.

The system provides value right out-of-the-box. High quality auto shut off tabs, integrated spill containment and removable stainless steel drip trays prevent hazardous spills.

You can select different tank sizes in 10 colours to meet your lubricant volume and identification needs. Each tank has its own pump, filter and suction wand to eliminate cross contamination. Continuous in-line filtration promotes fluid cleanliness every time you move a lubricant.

An OilSafe Bulk Storage System will enable you to take immediate control over your lubrication workflow process and get your lubricant storage areas and practices clean, efficient and compliant.

The base systems have been defined for your convenience and highlight a number of popular pre-configured solutions. There is no limit to the different configurations possible with the OilSafe Bulk Storage System (CE-certified). 

The system is fully modular and interchangeable therefore if none of the solutions shown meet your exact requirements, take up contact so that a custom configuration can be developed. 

System Types

Advanced Bulk System OilSafe

Advanced Bulk System

If you want best practice with value that delivers, this is it. 

  • Best Practice Contamination Control. 
  • Very space efficient. 
  • Easy relocation around the plant. 
  • One Pump & Filter per Tank. 
  • Pressurised dispensing. 

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Lubrication Work Center

If you want the best, this is it. 

  • Ultimate Best Practice Instant Lube Room
  • Premium ergonomic dispensing and working surfaces. 
  • Parts & Tool storage. 
  • Electrical & Mechanical protection systems. 
  • One Pump & Filter per Tank. 
  • Pressurized dispensing. 
  • Numerous upgrade options 

System Benefits

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Clean, Safe and Professional storage and handling of bulk lubricants

restores pride in the craft and drives workplace organization and efficiency. 

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Scalable and Configurable

Scale system to accommodate the number of lubricants required for storage and dispensing. 
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Choice of 10 Tank Colours & Identification Labeling

Use colours and labels as part of a lubricant identification convention to ensure the right lubricant goes into the right transfer container and the right machine. 
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ISO 680

Accommodate lubricants up to ISO 680. 
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All systems ship in full assembled pods

for efficient freight and rapid on-site installation. 
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All systems have integrated spill transport pallets for easy forklift and hand truck access for freight and workplace mobility.

System Features

OilSafe Advanced Bulk Systems


Mix and match different tanks to meet your lubricant volume and identification requirements.

  • Colour-coded – choice of 10 colours for accurate lubricant identification. 
  • 4 Standard tank sizes – 30, 65, 120 & 240 gallons. If it doesn’t include the particular tank combinations you need – let us know. We can easily configure a system to meet your requirements. 
  • Heavy Duty Construction – 12 gauge aluminised steel for long life; TGIC polyester powder coated for additional durability. 
  • Identification - systems come standard with colour-coded generic labels.
Custom ID Labeling

► Custom ID Labeling

Fully integrated customised identification label upgrades are available upon request to assist with no mistake application, OSHA Right-to-know compliance and NFPA

► Fluid Cleanliness and Contamination Control

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In-line filtration

3-way in-line filtration - filter every time you move fluid - fill, recirculate and dispense.
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Desiccant Breather

Dedicated breather for each tank ensures cleanliness by removing airborne contaminants and moisture build up. 
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Clean oil from colour-coded auto shut-off dispensing taps to transfer containers with minimal spills. Optional Hose Reels for dispensing to transfer containers and carts (Lubrication Work Centers and limited Bulk System Configurations).
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Dedicated components - each tank has its own pump, filter and suction tube with secure, clean colourised quick connects to eliminate cross contamination.
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Spill Pallets

 Integrated spill pallets ensure compliance with EPA – SPCC legislation. 
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Drip Trays

Removable drip trays collect accidental drips and spills that may occur when dispensing into transfer containers. Made of stainless steel for durable long life and ease of cleaning. 


Built in cabinets and shelving ensure the fluid handling tools, equipment and identification parts are close to hand and stored in a highly organised manner. 

  • Workplace Organization (5S) 

  • Cabinet Dimensions: 45" (w) x 45" (d) x 88" (h) 

  • Four Big Deep Shelves - for bulk storage of containers, sorbents, grease guns, filters, oil analysis equipment and other fluid handling shop equipment. 

  • Six Large Smooth Glide Drawers - with removable parts trays for storage of fittings, tools, labels and parts. 

  • Removable plastic parts bins easily clip on and off internal racks to increase storage capacity and speed for small parts selection. 

  • All welded, high quality powder coated cabinet used as a standalone unit or easily adjoined with any OilSafe Bulk Storage System.

  • Cabinets ship fully assembled and ready to use! 

Bulk storage cabinets

The OilSafe Bulk storage cabinet is designed to provide large capacity storage for lubrication tools and parts. The cabinet functions as either a standalone solution or as a compliment to your OilSafe Lubricant Storage System.

Glide drawer

►General Features

  • Top mounted Level Gauges – easy and safe viewing of tank fill level. 

  • Retractable Cable Reel Grounding Kit & System Earth Lugs – to mitigate static-electricity build up. 

  • Suitable for storing machinery lubricating oils and glycol based coolants. 

  • Power – all systems come standard with 110V single phase TEFC motors and can be configured for other power supplies as required. Air pneumatic option available (240V, 50/60 Hz, Pneumatic).

level-gauge and air sentry desiccant breatherLevel Gauge and Air Sentry Desiccant Breather


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Fire Safety

All systems come standard with MSHA – CFR30 rated hosing and have the option to include auto-shut off tank isolation valves. 
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Right to Know – colour-coded and labeled tanks and taps ensure accurate fluid identification and handling. 
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System comes standard with integrated spill containment transport pallets for EPA SPCC compliance.

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Electrical Protection

Lubrication Work Center comes with circuit breakers, surge protectors, motor overload protection, grounding kit & emergency shutdown for enhanced asset and personal protection. 


Satellite Lube Room

When your lubricants are subject to remote or extreme conditions and interior space is limited, OilSafe's Satellite Lube Room offers a stand-alone system with placement flexibility and state-of-the-art features. This convenient storage protects lubricant quality and lifespan by reducing handling errors and controlling the operating environment.
Outisde Satellite Lube Room OilSafe

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