Used Oil Skid

OilSafe's contamination control measures do not end with new industrial fluids; this product line takes best practices with contamination and safety measures to another level by offering the ability to recycle/dispose of used oils through Used Oil Skids

These skids have a capacity of 120 or 240 gallon sizes and allow for full containment in a single location. (Heavy duty, aluminum tanks).

Used Oil Skid OilSafe

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for transferring oils into the tank
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with forklift and pallet jack accessibility
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for pouring oils in and/or for draining out filter elements
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with a level indicator and 1,5 inch camlock access for bulk truck servicing
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Each system is housed in a built-in spill containment
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  • Remote LED Display
  • Tank Overfill Alarm

  • Part # 894400: 120 Gallon  Used Oil Skid 
  • Part # 894401: 240 Gallon Used Oil Skid 

    Used oil skids - OilSafe
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