Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Lubrication Work Centers

An instant Lube Room, incorporating Best-In-Class features

Lubrication Work Centers

Any lubricant management program is designed to maximise the production and minimise maintenance and repair of our critical assets throughout the plants. In fact the process starts with:

  • identifying the current state of the lubricants selection and application to the equipment

  • understanding that new lubricants aren't necessarily clean lubricants.

Needless to say, that we do not want to put these contaminated fluids into our critical assets. The next step to a good best practice program is to clean the oil before they are applied into the assets.

How to implement the OilSafe® Lubrication Management System

Discover the advantages of having the OilSafe lubrication management system establishes best practices throughout your facility. Every step is colour-coded to eliminate risk and human error, simplifying maintenance and extending the life of your equipment.

Ultimate in Lubrication Management

The Lubrication Work Center (LWC) can be compared with an instant Lube room. It is a fast, clean and exact dispensing system, which eliminates contamination issues inherent in traditional dispensing systems. This solution will remain trouble-free for a lifetime of operation. 

OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified.

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe (LWC)

System Type Details


  • Spill containment kit
  • Tank overfill alarm
  • Remote LED display
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pump
  • 4, 7 or 25 mu Filter
  • Tank colour
  • Digital meter gun (Hose Reel)
  • Hose reel
  • Mobile suction hose cart
  • Wall mounted suction hose rack
  • Frame mount suction hose rack

Features include: 

  • Dedicated pump and filter per tank – to prevent cross contamination of lubricants and ensure maximum cleanliness. Providing 3 way filtration (filters while filling, recirculate (kidney loop), and dispensing).

  • Electrical protection - circuit breakers, surge protectors and motor overload protection.

  • Spill Containment – built in spill containment for work place safety and SPCC compliance. 

  • Ergonomic dispensing station – dedicated dispensing center with work surfaces and parts & tool storage.

  • Pre-assembled – delivered pre-assembled with detailed owner’s manual including installation instructions 

  • Aluminum, heavy duty Tanks are available in 4 sizes and 10 colours – 30, 65, 120 and 240 gallons 

  • Colour-coded quick connects are installed on the system and suction hoses.

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Lubrication Work Center


  • SPCC spill containment: Yes

  • Pre-assembled: Yes

  • Taps: Pressurized

  • Pumps/filter set: 1 per tank

  • 3-way filtration: Yes

  • Electrical protection: Yes

  • Dispensing console: No

  • High viscosity pumps: Yes (standard)

  • Fire safety: Yes (standard)

  • Hose reels: optional

Tank Pod Lubrication Work Center

Tank Pod Lubrication Work Center

Dispensing Pod

Dispensing Pod Lubrication Work Center

Lubrication Work Centers line-up

Standard Models:

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Part nr. 11W0400


4x65 Gallon


Lubrication Work Center OilSafe - 11w4200

Part nr. 11W4200


2x65 x 4x30 Gallon


Lubrication Work Center - 12w0600

Part nr. 12W0600


6x65 Gallon


Best practice contamination control in a compact and space efficient form.

Part nr. 12W0420


4x65 x 2x120 Gallon


12w0040 LWC model

Part nr. 12W0040


4x120 Gallon


13w0060 LWC model

Part nr. 13W0060


6x120 Gallon


13w0041 LWC model

Part nr. 13W0041


4x120 Gallon x 1x240 Gallon


System Comparison Matrix

System Comparison Matrix (OilSafe - Lustor)

Upgrade Options

Suction hose storage

Suction hose storage

After emptying drums, totes or pails, the suction hoses can be stored in the Mobile Hose Carts or on Wall Mounted Racks.


Tank overfill alarm

Tank overfill alarm

Direct Mount Tank Overfill alarms fit easily to tank level gauges and can be supplied with your system or retrofitted to an existing OilSafe Bulk storage system.
Hose Reel

Hose Reel

Retractable hose reel with trigger operated dispensing nozzles. Available with Lubrication Work Centers and limited Advanced Bulk System Configurations.
Lubrication Work Center + cabinet OilSafe

Bulk Storage Cabinet

The cabinet functions as either a standalone solution or as a compliment to the bulk storage system.

Lubrication Work Center OilSafe

Instant Lube Room

Best-in-Class Contamination Control

Mix and Match

Create a system that matches your application. Mix and match different size tanks. You can choose from 30, 65, 120 and 240 gallon tanks.

Tell us the number of tanks and sizes needed and we will create a tailored configuration for you.

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