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Ensuring Oil Purity and Safety

  Filtration Units - Portable & Stationary

Welcome to OilSafe's revolutionary filtration units, the ultimate solution for optimizing your lubricant management. Our cutting-edge units are engineered to extend the lifespan of your lubricants, saving you precious time and money. They not only clean your lubricants to match your equipment's exacting standards but also maintain purity from storage to application, all while eliminating cross-contamination and messy spills thanks to our colour-coded flat face quick connects.
OilSafe filterunits


For those who demand the best, our high-end filter cart comes with a special frame and three layers of spill containment. It's perfect for facilities that require minimal spills and oil messes. The PRO version includes all the standard Performance, Error-Proofing, and Safety features, and you can opt for an electric-driven gear pump.

P/N 957780-PRO - Portable-2-Filter Electric

with upstream and downstream sample ports

P/N 957700-PRO - Wall Mount Stationary-2-Filter-Electric

with upstream and downstream sample ports

OilSafe basic filtration unit


Our BASIC units come with all the standard Safety, Error-Proofing, and Performance features. You can choose between an electric-driven gear pump or an air-powered pneumatic pump.

P/N 957750-NF1 - Portable-1 - Filter-Electric or Air

with downstream sample ports

P/N 957750-NF2 -Portable-2 Filter-Electric or Air

with downstream sample ports

P/N 957770-Basic - Wall Mount Stationary-2 Filter-Electric

with upstream and downstream sample ports


OilSafe's Filtration Units are designed for peak performance. With a 1200 RPM electric motor/pump, they reduce oil shearing and electrostatic charges compared to 1800 RPM motor/pumps. Our filters are Beta 2000 (99.95% efficient) and built for medium pressure, ensuring better particulate removal.


Safety is our top priority. OilSafe Filtration Units lead the industry with three layers of spill containment, electrical overload protection, and zero-leak quick connects. Our special quick connects only mate with corresponding colours, eliminating cross-contamination once and for all.

Key Features

  • High Capacity Spill Containment: Choose from either a removable spill basin or our advanced 3-layer spill containment system. This ensures that even in the event of spills, your workplace remains clean and safe.

  • Zero-Leak Colourized & Pinned Flat Face Quick Connects: Our quick connects are designed to prevent leaks and are colour-coded for easy, foolproof matching, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

  • Non-bypassing Filters: Equipped with Beta 2000 efficient filter elements, our non-bypassing filters ensure that 100% of your oil passes through the filter media, maintaining the highest quality of your lubricants.

  • Medium Pressure Filters: Our filters exceed industry-recommended safety factors, ensuring your equipment operates with optimal safety and efficiency.

  • Sample Ports: Sample ports come as a standard or optional feature, depending on the unit selected, enabling you to easily monitor the condition of your lubricants.

  • High-Performance Electric Motor: All our units come with a 1200 RPM electric motor with 1Hp power, rated ISO 680, preventing the shearing of oils that 1800 RPM motors can cause.

  • Fully Equipped: Our units include everything you need - pump, relief valve, filters, hoses - all properly rated for system pressures, ensuring a seamless lubrication process.

  • Flexible Architecture: We offer flexible options to fit different budgets without compromising the integrity of your lubrication process.

Filter unit - stationary

Stationary Filter Unit

Portable Filter Cart

Portable Filter Cart

Nameplate Filter Unit

Nameplate Filter Cart

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Filter Carts

Filtration Unit is not pumping oil

1. Check power supply (electricity or air supply), breakers and fuses.

2. Check Electric motor for correct rotation (CW when viewing fan on back of motor).

3. Ensure hoses are properly connected, there are no kinks or restrictions in the hoses.

4. If using a hose wand or suction tube, ensure it’s not stuck on the bottom of drum, and is allowing oil to enter the hose wand.

5. Check the oil filters and ensure the indicators are not in the red. Oil flow will slow when oil filters are full, and the visual indicators will be red.

There are oil leaks

1. Immediately shut off unit and disconnect all power sources (electric or air).

2. Locate leak and repair it, before it causes slips, trips, falls or workplace hazards.

3. Ensure the leak is resolved properly and will not reoccur.

Bulk filter systems

Bulk System Filters

There are 2 filters in series with one another. Available in 4, 7, 25 micron and a water removal element. Both filter heads have differential visual indicators in addition to electrical indications, that tell you when it's time to change the filters. ß2000 Micro Glass anti-static filters are a premium filter, that provides maximum dirt-holding capacity and superior particle capture over paper filters
Colour-coded quick connects

Colour-coded Quick Connects

OilSafe's Colour-coded Quick Connects offer a flexible, durable and safe hose interface for use with lubrication management equipment. These connects are specially designed to eliminate cross-contamination. They are manufactured from anodized aluminium, and thereafter colour coded.

The Connects are available in 10 familiar OilSafe colours to easily identify fluid contents and set the bar with an error-proof/exclusive fit. Only two terminals of the same colour can fully connect, making cross contamination impossible.

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