55 Gallon Drum Work Station

Remote Best Practice Contamination Control

55 gallon drum work station OilSafe

OilSafe 55 Gallon Drum Work Station

The OILSAFE® 55 Gallon Drum Work Station is designed to store and dispense machinery lubricating oils and other non-volatile fluids up to ISO 680. The storage of fluids with a flashpoint below 150°F (65.5°C) is strictly prohibited. This unit delivers best practice contamination control for 55 gallon drums.

The 55 gallon drum work station features:

  • a stainless steel dispensing console and drop pan,
  • dedicated suction hose,
  • a pump/filter providing 2-way filtration (filters while dispensing and circulate (kidney loop)  
  • a pressurised dispensing tap. 

55 gallon drum work station in use

The 55 gallon work station in use

55 gallon drum work station OilSafe

OilSafe 55 gallon (208 liter) drum work station

(Note: 55 gallon drum and OilSafe can are not included)

55 gallon drum work station - drawing

Schematic of 55 Gallon Drum Work Station

All Units come with:

  • Positive displacement Gear Pump (3-5GPM) with internal bypass
  • 2-way filtration (discharge and re-circulate “kidney-loop”) 

  • Comes standard with 7µ, β2000 Spin on filter (4µ and 25µ also available) 

  • Desiccant Air Breather for Drum ventilation integrity 

  • Stainless Steel Dispensing Console with drip pan 

  • Electronic Stop/Start buttons 

  • Dedicated Stainless/PVC Suction Spear/Hose for Drum with Cam Coupler 

  • MSHA accepted 811HT rated flame resistant Fire Suppression Hose Assemblies with quick connects 

  • Delivered pre-assembled and ready-to-use 

  • Size: 14"(w) x 24"(d) x 65"(h) 

  • Drum can be placed on any standard Drum Deck/Spill Pallet for SPCC Spill Compliance if required 

  • OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified

55 gallon drum work station OilSafe

55 gallon drum work station OilSafe


  • 4, 7 or 25 µ filter
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pump

  • Part # 894500 - TEFC 110V / 14A ≤ ISO 680
  • Part # 894520 - TEFC 240V / 10A ≤ ISO 680
  • Air ≤ ISO 680 OPTIONAL


Barrel Pump System:

  • 4 Motor/Pump (pre-installed) 
  • 4 Dispensing Faucet is the spring back type 
  • 4 Cartridge type filter 
  • 4 Desiccant Air Breather Air Filter 
  • 4 Suction Hose Assembly 
  • 4 Selector Valve (located beneath dispensing station) 
  • 4 Static Discharge Grounding Wire 

Replacement Parts

Tank Desiccant Air Breather (Part # Z134)

This is the air filter on the top of the tanks. When the coloured-beads on the inside of the breather turn from orange to dark green, it is time to replace the filter. The filter can be screwed on and off.

Coloured Ball Knob for Standard Steel Shut Off Valve

(Available in 10 colours – Part # 921000 u/i 921009)

The ball knob on the end of the Dispensing Faucet Handle is colour-coded to match the fluid tank it corresponds with. If the ball knob is damaged or requires replacing for any reason, it can be removed by unscrewing it from the handle and replacing it with a new knob. Be sure to keep the colour-coded system in place to allow users to easily recognise which Dispensing Faucet goes with each tank.

Steel Auto Shut-off Faucet (with Black Ball Knob)

The Steel Auto Shut-off Faucet can be removed and replaced as needed. There are also spare parts available for the Steel Auto Shut-off Faucet as noted by asterisks in the image on the right


Remove housing and filter element. Replace with same Part number.

Suction Hose Assembly (Part # 921300)

Stainless Steel Tube with Reinforced PVC Hose.

The Suction Hose Assembly used to load fluid from 55 gallon drums can be replaced.

Contact us for additional information.

Desiccant breather z134  Air Sentry

Desiccant Breather

Part # Z134

Coloured Ball Knob for Standard Steel Shut Off Valve

Coloured Ball Knob for Standard Steel Shut Off Valve

Part # 921000 u/i 921009

Schematic steel auto shut-off faucet

Schematic steel auto shut-off faucet

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