Advanced Bulk Systems

Best practice contamination control in a compact and space efficient form.

Advanced Bulk System

How an organisation receives, stores, dispenses and disposes of lubricants will be the foundation of your Lubrication Reliability journey. It’s generally known, that new oil is dirtier than you want to add to your asset lubrication systems. Filtering, storage, dispensing will support your goal to start your assets life with clean, dry, compatible oil. 

The Advanced Bulk System delivers best practice contamination control in a compact and space efficient form. The system is completely customisable based on your requirements. Ideal for organisations that need the superior contamination control, working within budget and/or space constraints. Among the upgrade options are hose reels, high-viscosity pumps, custom ID's and differential pressure indicators.


  • SPCC spill containment: Yes
  • Pre-assembled: Yes
  • Taps: Pressurized
  • Pumps/filter set: 1 per tank
  • 3-way filtration: Yes
  • Electrical protection: Yes
  • Dispensing console: No
  • High viscosity pumps: Yes (standard)
  • Fire safety: Yes (standard)
  • Hose reels: Limited models
Advanced Bulk System OilSafe

Advanced Bulk System OilSafe

Features include: 

  • Dedicated pump and filter per tank – to prevent cross contamination of lubricants and ensure maximum cleanliness. 
  • Spill Containment – built in spill containment for EPA and SPCC compliance. 
  • Flame Resistant Fire Suppression Hose Assemblies – MSHA CFR30 rated. 
  • 12 Gauge Aluminised Tanks available in 4 sizes and 10 colours – 30, 65, 120 & 240 Gallon. 
  • Delivered pre-assembled with detailed owner’s manual including installation instructions. Choose from one of 9 pre-configured systems or configure your own by determining the number and size of tanks that best suit your requirements. 
  • OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified

Advanced Bulk Systems line-up

Standard Models:

Advanced Bulk System OilSafe 1A0400

Part nr. 1A0400


4 x 65 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System OilSafe 1A0020

Part nr. 1A0020


2x 120 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System OilSafe 1A0001

Part nr. 1A0001


1 x 240 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System OilSafe 1A4000

Part nr. 1A4000


4 x 30Gallon


Combined Models:

advanced bulk system 2a0800

Part nr. 2A0800


8x 65 Gallon


advanced bulk system 3a0c00

Part nr. 3A0C00


12x 65 Gallon



Part nr.2A0420


4 x 65 Gallon x 2 x 120 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System 4A0422

Part nr. 4A0422


4x 65; 2 x 120; 2 x 240 Gallon


Advanced Fluid System - 2A0040

Part nr. 2A0040


4 x 120 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System 3A0060

Part nr. 3A0060


6 x 120 Gallon


Advanced Bulk System OilSafe

Modular Bulk Design

Best Practice Contamination Control

System Comparison Matrix

System Comparison Matrix (OilSafe - Lustor)

Upgrade Options

Suction hose storage

Suction hose storage

After emptying drums, totes or pails, the suction hoses can be stored in the Mobile Hose Carts or on Wall Mounted Racks.


Tank overfill alarm

Tank overfill alarm

Direct Mount Tank Overfill alarms fit easily to tank level gauges and can be supplied with your system or retrofitted to an existing OilSafe Bulk storage system.
Hose Reel

Hose Reel

Retractable hose reel with trigger operated dispensing nozzles. Available with Lubrication Work Centers and limited Advanced Bulk System Configurations.
Bulk storage cabinets

Bulk Storage Cabinet

The cabinet functions as either a standalone solution or as a compliment to the bulk storage system.

Mix and Match

Create a system that matches your application. Mix and match different size tanks. You can choose from 30, 65, 120 and 240 gallon tanks.

Tell us the number of tanks and sizes needed and we will create a tailored configuration for you.

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