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Remote Best Practice Contamination Control

Tote dispensing rack manual OilSafe

OilSafe Tote Dispensing Rack

The OilSafe Tote Dispensing Rack was designed to dispense bulk lubricants in the workplace. The system delivers best practice contamination control for common 300 Gallon Totes in a modular, ergonomic and space efficient form. It comes standard with a 7 micron Beta 2000 filter (other ratings are available). Ships assembled and virtually ready to use. 

The Tote Dispensing System has been completely assembled;

  • Motor/Pump (pre-installed)
  • Hose reel with dispensing handle
  • Cartridge type filter
  • Suction Hose Assembly

The only installation and assembly required after delivery is placing the tote on top of the frame, connecting the suction hose to the drum, connecting the power and making sure of the ground.

Important to know is that attached to the rear of the Tote Dispensing System are green wires. They should be connected to a known good ground.

Tote dispensing rack explanation

OilSafe Tote dispensing rack

OilSafe Tote dispensing rack

OilSafe Tote dispensing rack fits common totes

Product Features

  • Positive displacement Gear Pump (3-5GPM) with internal bypass 

  • Retractable Hose Dispensing Reel (25 feet) with Trigger Dispenser 

  • Comes standard with 7µ, β2000 HP Filter with DP Indicator (4µ and 25µ also available) 

  • Electronic Stop/Start buttons 

  • Rack will accommodate Totes with base dimensions less than 41"(w) x 46"(d) 

  • Delivered pre-assembled and ready-to-use 

  • Additional Spill Pans available to expand Spill Pan capacity if SPCC Compliance is required 

  • Available in electric and pneumatic

  • Compact footprint; each pod is 46" wide and 46" deep

  • OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified


Determine Placement:  

The system should be installed indoors on a flat, level surface with sufficient load-bearing capacity to support the total system weight. Each electrical motor requires a separate power outlet.


It is important to note the effect of the ambient temperature in which the system is placed for operation. System room temperature should be in the range of 60°F (15°C) TO 80°F (26°C) with optimum room temperature being 70°F (21°C).

Temperatures less than (<60°F / 15°C) can result in lubricant viscosity increasing above the rated ISO Code you specified at the time of order. Such adverse viscosity changes can cause higher system operating pressures than those set at the factory.

System Operating Pressure
System operating pressure should never exceed 300 PSI as this can cause a gasket failure on the spin-on filter resulting in a high pressure oil leak.

Normal system operating pressure should be less than 240 PSI. Operating pressures above 240 PSI will necessitate adjustment of the pump pressure relief bypass valve located on the pump head.


  • 4, 7 or 25 µ filter
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pump
  • Digital Metering Gun

  • Part # 894600 - Tote Dispensing Rack
    TEFC 110V / 14A ≤ ISO 680
  • Part # 894620 - Tote Dispensing Rack
    TEFC 240V / 10A ≤ ISO 680
  • Optional: available in pneumatic verion


  • Pre-assembled                              Yes
  • SPCC Spill Compliance                Yes
  • Pumps/Filter                                  1 per tank
  • Filtration                                           1-way dispensing
  • Filter                                                  Spin on filter 7µ β2000 
  • High Viscosity Pumps                    Yes, up to ISO 680
  • Hose Reel                                         Yes, 25 ft
  • Taps                                                   Pressurised Hose Reel
  • Dispensing                                        Hose Reel
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