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BOP Inline Meter


To compliment the entire Macnaught’s Patented BOP (Battery Operated Pump) range, Macnaught’s new BOP Inline Meter has been created The BOP Inline Meter can be fitted to existing and new BOP dispense guns to provide accurate volume measurement. The unique swivel fitting allows quick assembly to the BOP dispense gun and allows 360º rotation of the meter for clear visibility and usability. The flow meter has incorporated the oval rotor principal into its design; a reliable and accurate method of measuring flow.

BOP inline meterThe BOP Inline Meter

A backlight function is also provided to further enhance this usability. Available individually or as part of the BOP Starter or Pump Stem kits. This IP 67 rated meter (i.e. 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water) has been developed for accuracy and durability. The inline meter is powered by a single coin battery located with easy access. Designed in Australia, this Inline Meter delivers reliable and accurate readings in both metric and imperial units.

Operating Principal

When fluid passes through the meter the rotors turn, as shown below.

Rotors Bop MeterTurning rotors

The magnets which are located in the rotors will pass across the PCB sensors. A signal is generated which is then sent by the PCB to the LCD as a Pulse Output.

Technical Specification

  • Flow Rate: up to 10LPM
  • Operating Temperature: -20 Deg C to +70 Deg C
  • Operating Pressure: 20psi (Max 60psi)
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% of Reading
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Inlet Connection: 1/2” Inlet Connector Supplied
  • Outlet Connection: 1/2” BSP (F)
  • Power: 1 x Cr2450 3V Lithium Coin Battery

Meter to Gun assembly

  1. Prior to assembling connector (2) to the gun (1) remove item (5) from the gun (1).
  2. Screw item (2) to the gun outlet (1) - Do not over tighten.
  3. Slide O’ring (6) all the way onto screw (2)

Meter to gun BOPMeter to gun assembly
4) Remove the ‘U’clip (3) from the meter (4)

5) Insert the meter inlet (4) onto the connector (2) apply light pressure to the meter, this will slightly compress the O’ring (6) then firmly press in the ‘U’ clip until flush with the body (3) as shown

6) Carefully screw the outlet tube (5) onto the meter outlet (4) - Do not over tigthen.

Meter to GunMeter to gun assembly (2)

Operating Instruction

The display wakens when flluid passes through the meter or either the “M”or “L”button is pressed.

Note: The display will go to sleep after 3 seconds if no flow is detected.

Bop inline meter explainedBop Inline Meter explained

Back Light

To turn on the backlight press “L“ button.

Change Units Setting

  1. Waken display by pressing either the ‘M”or “L” button
  2. Press and hold down the “L” button until the arrow moves to the next unit setting
    a) Press and hold down button to change from L to US-GAL
    b) Press and hold down button to change from US-GAL to US-Qt
    c) Press and hold down button to change from US-Qt to L

Change Batch and Total Setting

  1. Waken display by pressing either the ‘M”or “L” button
  2. Press and release “M” button to move arrow to desired batch or total setting
    A = Resettable batch total
    B = Resettable accumulative total
    C = Non ressettable accumulative total

Reset batch or accumulative totals to zero

  1. Waken display by pressing either the ‘M”or “L” Button
  2. Press and release “M” button to move arrow to desired batch (A) or total (B) setting
  3. Simultaneously press and release the “M”and “L”buttons to reset the numbers to zero.

Replace Battery

  1. Carefully pull open the battery drawer as shown
  2. Carefully slide the old battery from the PCB
  3. Carefully insert the new CR2450 Lithium Coin battery.

    Note: Ensure the battery is fitted with the + on the battery pointing up as shown below.

  4. Slide the battery drawer shut firmly to ensure the O’ring seals the drawer opening correctly,

Bop inline meter batteryReplacement Battery

Trouble Shooting


This product should only be used with automotive oils and lubricants.

Package includes

  • BOP Inline Meter
  • Fittings
  • Batteries
  • Operators Manual

Oil Dispensing Gun Inline Digital Meter Assembly

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