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The Macnaught BOP 20 and BOP60 are portable and rechargeable, 18 volt battery operated pumps. Both use the easy portable Powerhead, which can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce setup costs. The innovative heart of battery operated pump system is the motor drive unit itself. The Powerhead is powered by an 18 Volt lithium-ion battery, that can be recharged on the supplied battery charger.

Once the charger is attached to the powerhead and fitted to the stem, the lever locks the unit in place. With the switch on the front we will turn the unit on. It then self primes.*

Note*: When taking the stem and powerhead out of the box brand new, you do need to prime them. 

Once it is self primed the unit is ready to start dispensing oil as soon as the trigger is pulled.

Powerhead part no. BP20-PH

General Safety

  • DO NOT lift the powerhead with locking lever. Handle powerhead with care. DO NO DROP.
  • Make sure the powerhead is securely connected/attached to the stem.
  • DO NOT leave the powerhead sitting on top of the stem unlocked.
  • Stop operating the pump if any leakings at the joints are noticed.
  • DO NOT modify the pump in any way.
  • DO NOT use the product in potentially explosive atmosphere or areas.
  • DO NOT expose the product to fire and source of heat.
  • Use product in well ventilated area.
  • Only use genuine Macnaught battery and chargers with this product.
  • Only use genuine Macnaught battery and chargers with this product.
  • Battery pack and powerhead should be protected from water.
  • DO NOT expose the powerhead to a nearby magnet as its performance will be adversely affected.
  • The battery operated pump should always be used in a vertical position.
  • DO NOT expose power tool to rain or wet conditions.
  • Use power tool and accessories in accordance with these instructions.
  • DO NOT allow power tool to operate unattended.
  • DO NOT use power tool if the switch is damaged and does not turn on and off.
  • Disconnect the battery from the powerhead before making any adjustment, changing accessories, or storing power tool.
  • DO NOT Leave the powerhead sitting on top of the stem unlocked.
  • Keep the cordless power tool and plastic bag away from babies and children.

Operating Instructions

Insert/Remove Battery

General Operation

  1. Attach powerhead to stem
  2. Press or Release trigger to adjust flow
  3. Lift handle to transfer powerhead from stem to stem


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