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Improved flexibility of the BOP pump stem


Introducing the newly enhanced BOP Pump Stem, a ground-breaking innovation that allows a single stem to handle multiple fluid types with ease. Our reimagined Pump Stem eliminates the need for fluid-specific stems, offering a versatile solution for various applications.

Key features Pump Stem

1.    Single Stem, Multiple Fluid Compatibility:

The Pump Stem has been transformed to handle a wide range of fluid types, including:

  • Engine oil
  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic oil (oils up to SAE140 viscosity)
  • Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
  • Engine coolant

2.    Versatility and Convenience:
With the enhanced Pump Stem, you no longer need separate stems for different fluids. This eliminates the hassle of switching between stems and simplifies maintenance and operations. Whether you're dealing with engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, ATF, or engine coolant, our universal Pump Stem can handle it all.

3.    Enhanced Performance:
The reimagined Pump Stem has been designed and tested to ensure optimal performance across multiple fluid types. It maintains the required viscosity and flow characteristics for each fluid, allowing for efficient and reliable operation in a variety of applications.

4.    Cost Savings:
By eliminating the need for fluid-specific stems, our Universal Pump Stem offers cost savings in terms of equipment procurement, inventory management, and maintenance. You can streamline your operations and reduce the overall costs associated with maintaining multiple stems.

5.    Easy Integration:
Our enhanced Pump Stem is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing setups and equipment. Whether you're retrofitting or starting fresh, the Universal Pump Stem can be easily incorporated into your system, ensuring a smooth transition and compatibility with your current infrastructure.

Range Transition

The Starter Kit

BOP20 Litre Stem Kit

The Universal Starter Kit consists of the following components:

Universal Battery operated pump - BOP20BOP 20 Litre Starter Kit

The Stem Kit

BP20X Universal BOP pump stem

The Universal Stem Kit consists of the following components:

Universal BOP Pump StemBOP 20 litre Stem Kit

Contents Universal Kits

The Universal kits are available for 20 Litre and 60 Litre drums.

Contents table Universal BOP kit

New Packaging design across the BOP range

Introducing the sleek and modern packaging design of the BOP range! Our new packaging reflects the cutting-edge technology and reliability that our products offer. With a clean and professional look, the BOP Starter Kit and Stem Kit Range come neatly organized and securely packaged, ensuring hassle-free deployment and transportation.



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