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BOP Powerhead

Power Head

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Included in Starter Kit

Cordless Battery Powered Oil Transfer Pumps

Discover the cutting-edge Macnaught Battery Operated Pump (BOP) family, catering to 20-liter (BOP20) and 60-liter (BOP60) fluid drums. Crafted in Australia, these pumps redefine efficiency and convenience in fluid dispensing tasks, providing portable, rechargeable, and powerful solutions for industrial settings.

Line-Up BOP Kits

BOP 20 Litre Starter Kit

BOP 20 Starter Kit

BOP 20 Litre Universal Pump Stem Kit

BOP 20 Stem Kit

BOP 60 litre Starter Kit

BOP 60 Starter Kit

BOP 60 litre Univeral Pump Stem Kit

BOP 60 Stem Kit

BOP Starter Kits - Simplifying Fluid Dispensing for 20L and 60L Drums

The BOP Starter Kit stands as the quintessential solution for initiating seamless fluid dispensing operations, offering distinct versions tailored for both 20-liter and 60-liter drum capacities.

Key Components:

This comprehensive Starter Kit is thoughtfully curated to equip users with everything required for effortless setup and operation. It includes:

Modular Power Head: The heart of the system, providing the necessary power and control for efficient fluid transfer.

Cradle Charger: Ensures the rechargeable battery is always ready for use, maintaining the pump's consistent performance.

Rechargeable Battery: A reliable power source ensuring sustained and uninterrupted operation.

Dispensing Gun with 1.5m Reinforced Hose: Enables precise and controlled dispensing, facilitating easy transfers into containers or machinery.

Bung Adaptor: Ensures a secure and snug fit onto the drum for effective fluid extraction.

The BOP Starter Kit comes in two distinct versions, each precisely tailored to match the specific requirements of either 20-liter or 60-liter fluid drums.

20L Version: BP20S-UNE

Catering specifically to the needs of 20-liter drums, this version of the Starter Kit offers all the aforementioned components optimized for efficient dispensing from smaller capacity drums.

60L Version: BP60S-UNE

Designed to meet the demands of larger 60-liter drums, this version of the Starter Kit incorporates the same essential components while accommodating the increased capacity, ensuring seamless and effective fluid transfer.

Versatility and Compatibility:

While the Starter Kits are tailored for specific drum capacities, they share essential components like the modular power head, cradle charger, rechargeable battery, dispensing gun with a reinforced hose, and bung adaptor.

This commonality ensures ease of use, interchangeability, and consistent performance across both 20L and 60L versions, offering versatility without compromising on functionality.

20 liter drums
Suited to 20L drums
105L battery charge
Up to 105L per battery charge
Up to 3.5L/min. fluid on demand
Strong 2.0AH capacity
18v heavy duty battery
Heavy duty 18V battery

Universal Stem Kits

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with the Universal Pump Stem, engineered to adapt seamlessly to multiple fluid types. Whether it's engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF), or engine coolant, the Universal Pump Stem effortlessly accommodates diverse fluid applications. Bid farewell to the hassle of switching stems for different fluid types and streamline your workflow for unmatched convenience.
BOP20 universal stem kit

BOP Universal Stem Kit

  • P/N BP20X-UNE (20L drums) | P/N BP60X-UNE (60L drums)
  • Easy Control Dispensing Gun
  • 1,5m Reinforced Hose
  • Bung Adaptor
  • BOP Inline Meter (Optional)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Compatible Fluids: suitable for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil (oils up to SAE140 viscosity), automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and engine coolant

FAQ BOP - Battery Operated Pump

What is the difference between a Starter Kit and a Stem Kit

Starter Kit
The starter kit consists of: the power head, battery, charger, dispensing gun, reinforced hose, bung adapter.

Stem Kit
The stem kit consists of: dispensing gun, reinforced hose, bung adapter.

Can you adjust the stem length?

Yes. Every stem has an adjustment on the bottom of it that is suitable for different depth drums

What is the Power Head?

The Power Head is the innovative heart of the battery-operated pump system; it’s the motor drive unit itself. The power head is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that can be recharged on the supplied battery charger.

When turning the Power head on, it self primes. However, when you take the stem and the power head out of the box brand new, you do need to prime them. Once it's self primed the unit is ready to start dispensing oil as soon as the trigger is pulled.

What is the flow rate?

The flow rate out of the nozzle is ca. 3.5 liters per minute depending on the viscosity of the oil, and out of a single battery charge your pump approximately 100 litres.

Lubricating Oils - Flow rate up to 3.5 L/Min. (SAE40 at 20˚C)
Heavy Oils - Flow rate up to 2 L/Min. (SAE140 at 20˚C)
ATF - Flow rate up to 4.5 L/Min.
Coolant - Flow rate up to 5.8 L/Min.

What does BOP mean?

BOP stands for Battery Operated Pump. There are 2 versions: the BOP20 and BOP60, resp. suitable for 20L and 60L drums.

BOP partnumbers

Note: *The only difference vs. The European version is that the cradle charger has a UK plug.

Complete BOP Range: Get the Full Flyer for In-Depth Details!

Explore the Complete BOP Range! Download the Full Range Flyer Now for Comprehensive Details and Specifications.
BOP universal flyer - Universal Battery Operated Pump

The Beauty of the Powerhead

The Powerhead fits both, the BOP20 and BOP60 Pump Stems. It can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce set-up costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with all BOP Products
  • Locks on and off the BOP Stem quickly & easily.
  • Use one Powerhead for multiple stems
  • Battery slides and locks into side mount

Specifications Powerhead

  • Power multiple stems with one powerhead
  • Drum size: 20L, 60L
  • Lubricant Range: Up to 140W / ISO680
  • Locking Handle: Click on and off stem
  • Warranty: 2 years

FAQ BOP Powerhead

What if the pump does not turn on?

a) Flat battery
Remedy: the battery should be recharged.

b) Powerhead not attached correctly to the pump
Remedy: re-fit powerhead correctly.

c) Faulty switch
Remedy: contact your supplier.

d) Pump stem failure
Remedy: contact your supplier.

What if the pump will not prime?

a) Pump tube plug was not been removed before use.
Remedy: remove the tube plug.

b) Damaged or worn impeller.
Remedy: Fit new impeller (Note: Do not let the impeller run dry).

c) No oil in the container.
Remedy: Check oil level in container.

d) Damaged gun or hose.
Remedy: Replace gun.

e) Damaged diaphragm.
Remedy: replace diaphragm.

What if the Powerhead does not stop when the gun trigger is released?

a) A damaged diaphragm or spring.
Remedy: Replace damaged diaphragm or spring.

b) A damaged or worn impeller.
Remedy: Replace impeller.

c) Gun leaking.
Remedy: Replace the gun.

d) Damaged hose.
Remedy: Replace the hose.



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flow on the go

BOP Inline Meter for Seamless Volume Monitoring

The BOP Inline Meter is an addition designed to complement the BOP range of Battery Operated Pumps. It can be easily attached to existing or new BOP dispense guns, offering precise volume measurement.

The meter features a unique swivel fitting allowing quick assembly and 360º rotation for visibility. It includes a backlight function for improved usability. This IP 67 rated meter is available separately, prioritizing accuracy and durability, and operates on a single coin battery.

Designed in Australia, it provides reliable and accurate readings in both metric and imperial units.
BOP meter

Learn more about the BOP Inline Meter

BOP inline meter

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