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Reflection - End of the year 2022 poem



Christmas has come and gone and the 22 door is closing with speed,

Now it is reflection time, are we content or are we still in need.


I know we all endeared Christmas with our loved ones and friends,

Sharing much joy and happiness, with all our emotional trends.


So with only days left to go, we take some time to remember,

Was our own orbit good, or do we think like some pretender.


Our world trends so concerning, past problems are expanding,

Much hunger, poverty, no security, the dictators commanding.


Millions of families still moving, life’s ambitions restarted,

To build a new life, with their history and culture they parted.


The Inflation storm started, with high costs and prices raining,

Eroded values with much discontent, now all are restraining.


The Ukrainian war started, directed at the people and the aged,

Taking their electricity and water, why from a dictator so enraged.


The abuse to Mother Earth, became more evident this years end,

Erratic weather conditions, plastic pollution, tis a worrying trend.


Yes from this last 12 months, we saw our world in trouble,

And with challenges to Democracy, lies a threat to our bubble.


However, we will win in the end, all of the good people will prevail,

We’ll stand above adversaries, protect what a good life does entail.


For the people in my sphere and my world, these words are for you.

Within the reins of success, make your 23 plan and stick to it like glue.


 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2023 and take care,

Kindest Regards,

Ian Knight