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Easter Echoes - A Season of Light & Love


Easter bunny

In childhood days, the Easter bunny hopped,

Leaving trails of chocolate, joy never stopped.

Now grown, no furry friend in sight,

But memories linger, filling hearts with light.

The spirit of Easter, forever it dwells,

In acts of kindness, in tales it tells.

Though candies may fade, and baskets grow thin,

The essence of Easter lies deep within.

As springtime blooms, with colours so bright,

We're reminded of love, of grace, of light.

A time for reflection, a time to renew,

To cherish the old, and embrace the new.

In the story of Christ, our souls find rest,

In compassion and mercy, we're truly blessed.

So let's celebrate, in our own special way,

With joy and with love, this Easter day.

Enluse B.V.

Happy Easter