Pillars set in stone
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Pillars Set in Stone


Pillars Set in Stone. 

Environmental, Lubrication and Service, terms well known,

To the industrial world, they are “Pillars set in Stone”.

For 58 years, in the maintenance world I played.

Many highlights and laughs, it was normal, I stayed.

For 32 years, in the bearing industry I played,

In sales and service, to maintenance I slaved.

Preaching the messages, to make bearings last,

Get long service life, experience the profits so vast.

Also prompted, what comes from good oil,

Give it your respect, or your bearings will spoil,

But my frequent dilemma, over the 30 long years,

The messy Lube rooms, no respect, bringing tears.

Then one day, through the door came a man,

An Australian grinning, shaking my hand.

Carrying a can, with a bright yellow top,

Saying, “My Friend, we need to open a shop”.

This is your future, your destiny in life,

It’s the industry saver, it prolongs bearing life.

It simply reorganises, all the lubrication strife,

Keeps the oil safe and clean, protects machine life.

OilSafe logo

So in September 02, my mission was set,

Spread OilSafe in Europe, many sales to get.

Then the journey began, for the apostles to find,

The OilSafe dealers and no end users left behind.

A business created, from the “Pillars set in Stone”.

And across Europe today, Enluse is well known.

Care for the Environment, Lubrication work to support,

Enluse core competencies and good Service our report.

For 20 long years, to reach our destiny we persisted,

Supported by our dealers, our mission was assisted.

Now looking back, to the start of 0 two.

Coloured oil cans, the name OilSafe it grew.

So this week we celebrate, of all the OilSafe sold,

We become 20 years old and the brand set our mould.

So to all of our dealers and with my hand on my heart,

I say ”Thank You” my friends, for your dedication from the start.

Ian Knight and the Enluse Team