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Christmas Poem 2021 - It's Time


It’s Time

The end is near, Christmas is calling.

Our drive is weaning, energies are falling.

2021 is finally done, so it’s clean the desk,

empty the trash, and plan a few days’ rest.

It’s also a time, for a little refection.

The good, the bad, what was our direction?

For those not so lucky, open our heartfelt doors.

The poor, the homeless, and the victims of wars.

The rise of the virus, with Satan’s Sythe.

Culling the weak, some lucky to be alive.

Yes the year was a strain, but most battled through.

Giving up not considered, we stuck to plans like glue.

Now turn our attention, to those in our sphere.

To loved ones and family, and to friends so dear.

Go celebrate the end, spread some Christmas cheer.

Enjoy it to the max, embrace the new year without fear.

So to all that I know, I reach out and say.

Have a Merry Merry Xmas, go do it your way.

All the very best,

Ian Knight