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(Visual) Oil Analysis

Protect Your Oil Assets with AirLock


The Invisible Threat: Contaminants in Oil Storage

Did you know that most oil barrels and totes are not airtight? They breathe, allowing contaminants to seep into your precious lubricants. These contaminants lurk in the air and on every surface, just waiting to compromise the integrity of your oil and put your machinery at risk.

Introducing AirLock: Your Solution to Contamination Woes

Enter AirLock – the innovative solution designed to seal your storage containers and protect your valuable assets. AirLock's patented design utilizes headspace pressure to create a protective barrier against contamination. Say goodbye to higher filtration costs and the fast track to machinery failure – AirLock is here to safeguard your investments.

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How AirLock Works: The Science Behind the Seal

Using AirLock couldn't be simpler. Just replace your existing drum plug with AirLock, and then use the attached valve to pump a small amount of air into your drum – only one or two PSI is needed. As pressure increases within the drum's headspace, an invisible barrier forms, preventing contaminants from infiltrating. It's like a force field for your oil – as long as the pressure inside remains greater than outside, your lubricant remains pristine.

How Airlock works

Removal Instructions

When it comes time to access the oil in your drum secured by Air-Lock, follow these important steps:

Removing Air-Lock:

Air-Lock must be removed to access the oil in the drum. However, it's crucial never to remove Air-Lock while it's still sealed and pressurized. Even if the indicator isn't visible, there may still be pressure present.

Relieving Air Pressure:

To safely relieve air pressure, rotate Air-Lock 1/2 turn counterclockwise. Wait until the sound of escaping air stops completely. Only then is it safe to remove Air-Lock and access the oil in the drum.

By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure both your safety and the integrity of your oil assets. Trust in Air-Lock for secure and efficient oil storage management.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed: AirLock's Visibility Indicator

For added assurance, AirLock features a high visibility indicator. This visual cue lets you know that pressure is being maintained, providing peace of mind that your oil is securely protected. With AirLock, you can remove uncertainty and stop contamination dead in its tracks.

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Specifications AirLock

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Get ready to discover the peace of mind that comes with AirLock.

Take Action Now: Secure Your Oil Assets with AirLock

Don't wait until it's too late – protect your oil assets today with AirLock. Say goodbye to compromised lubricants, higher filtration costs, and machinery failure. Invest in AirLock and ensure that pressure stays in and contaminants stay out. Get AirLock today and safeguard your oil investments for the long haul.

Pressure In - Contaminants Out.
t's that simple with AirLock


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