ID tab and fill point ID washer
Greetje Wesselink

ID Tabs and Fill Point ID Washers


ID Tabs and Fill Point ID Washers, a team that works as one,
Keeping factories running, with minimal downtime done.
ID Tabs mark the machines, with serial numbers and more,
While Fill Point Washers label fluids, so we can avoid any pour.

Together, they help us maintain, the equipment in prime shape,
And identify any problems, before they can cause an escape.
So let's appreciate these tags, that make our jobs easier to do,
ID Tabs and Fill Point Washers, we're grateful for all that they do!

ID tab and Fill point ID washer

OilSafe ID tabs and Fill Point ID Washers are two separate but complementary products that are used to ensure that the right fluids are being used in the right machinery. 

OilSafe ID tabs are small, coloured tags that are used for identification and labeling of machinery, while Fill Point ID Washers are placed at the fill point to clearly label the type of fluid that should be used.

ID Tabs

ID Tabs, also known as identification tabs, are small tags or labels that are attached to machinery or equipment to provide information about the item. They typically contain important details such as the name or model number of the equipment, the date it was manufactured, its serial number, and any other relevant information such as safety instructions or maintenance requirements.

Colour code identification tabsColour-coded Identification (ID) tabs

Clear protective lenses can be used to cover the ID tabs and protect them from damage, such as scratches or smudging, which could make it difficult to read the information on the tab. The lenses are available in bags of 100.

ID tabs are commonly used in manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and other workplaces where equipment and machinery are used. They help workers quickly identify specific machines and access important information about them, making it easier to operate and maintain the equipment properly.

ID (Identification) Tabs - OilSafeID-Tabs available in 10 colours

They are made of plastic to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure long-lasting legibility. The ID tabs are available in 10 colours. They are supplied in bags of 6. Pre-printed labels are available. 

Fill Point ID Washers

Fill Point ID washers are used for identification and labeling purposes on machinery and equipment. OilSafe is a system of colour-coded containers and lids for storing and dispensing lubricants and other fluids. The combination of fill point ID washers and OilSafe containers can create a highly organized and efficient system for managing fluid storage and dispensing.

OilSafe Fill Point ID Washers are available in 10 colours and in a range of sizes, including: 1/8" - 1/4" -  3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" BSP

Fill point ID washers - identifcition of machine oil and grease fitting fill pointsFill Point ID Washers

The Fill Point ID washers are colour-coded to match the OilSafe containers, which makes it easy to identify which lubricant or fluid is stored in each container. For example, if you have a blue OilSafe container for hydraulic oil, you can use a blue fill point ID washer to label the hydraulic oil port on your machinery or equipment.

Using colour-coded fill point ID washers and OilSafe containers can help prevent cross-contamination of fluids and improve safety by ensuring that the correct fluid is used in each application. 


Together, these products provide a comprehensive system for managing fluids and machinery with precision and efficiency. By using the correct colour-coded OilSafe ID tab and matching Fill Point ID Washer, the risk of using the wrong fluid in the wrong machinery is significantly reduced. This not only saves time and money, but it also ensures that the machinery performs optimally, with minimal risk of damage or failure.