Grease Fittings and their accessories
05 oktober 2020 
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Grease Fittings and their accessories

Grease fittings (or grease nipples, Zerk fittingsgrease zerks, Alemite fittings, Zerks) are lubrication points in mechanical systems that add grease from grease guns. By applying pressure to a ball valve in the fitting, grease flows into the lubricating chamber, but cannot flow out.

Grease fittings come in different sizes, threads, lengths, adaptations and styles. Below we’ll discuss the common characteristics and the more important things to know about grease fittings and their accessories.

If you need SAE or metric zerks we’ve got a collection in packages of 5 and 10, and in kits, offering: straight, 45, 65  and 90 degree angles in any size you might want.

Grease fittings: straight, angled in 45 and 90 degrees

The SAE and Metric Assorted 80 Piece Kits incorporate the most popular sizes; these Grease Fittings are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards.

SAE and Metric grease fitting kits

You may also need a four-way or an easy-out tool. These come in two different sizes to deal with different grease fittings and make it really easy to replace broken grease fittings or functional zerks that you maybe just want to swap out for something newer.


If you run into damaged or broken grease fittings, the 4-Way Grease Fitting Tool is your all-in-one solution. It can:

  1. Install,
  2. Remove,
  3. Repair, and
  4. Maintain

any Straight, Angled, and Pin Zerk Fittings.

It makes maintenance a snap and is easier than looking for the correct wrench size; it has a built-in rethreader and extractor.

T-Style Design

It has a 2” T-design and a knurled body for maximum grip.

You can install straight and angle zerk fittings and rethread or remove straight, angle, and pin fittings.


Designed to retap holes for new installation, and also helps with the removal of worn or broken fittings.

Grease Fitting Unblocker (Professional)Grease fitting unblocker - professional

The Unblocker opens clogged grease fittings and loosens hardened grease joints

The Grease fitting Unblocker removes old hardened grease, dirt and debris from clogged up bearings. Simply changing the fitting in most cases does not fix the issue, because the blockage is most often located in the joint itself.

The Grease fitting Unblocker has an all steel construction and works by injecting a light viscosity oil into a grease-joint through pressure, generated by the tap of a hammer. Hereby liquefying the old grease or dirt, and forcing it out the other end of the joint. Once the clog has been removed, simply grease your joint as normal, using your grease gun.

The Grease Fitting Unblocker comes complete with grease coupler for connection into the grease fitting and hose for hard to reach fittings.

Handy grease fitting drive tools make installing straight and angeled drive type fittings and zerks easy. Insert a drive tool over the fitting and tap opposite end with a hammer to seat.

The tools are made of heavy duty steel with a zinc-plated finish.

Available in 2 types: straight and angled

Drive-fit grease fitting installers-straight-and-angled

Grease nipple and protector

These handy, little plastic caps  keep your grease fittings clean. At the time when you go to grease them, you don’t have to worry about clearing off all the mess.

The Grease Fitting Protectors (GFP) deliver a secure seal over most common fittings. They provide excellent protection against contamination. With 10 colours and space for labels, these caps clearly identify what grease is required for the fitting.


  • Grease fitting protectorsUse as part of the fully integrated, colour-coded visual fluid management system
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Custom and pre-printed labels available
  • Recessed head for label placement
  • Innovative design ensures easy removal from Zerk fitting – even when wearing work gloves
  • Durable industrial grade materials
  • Available in various sizes and in pre-configured kit formats
  • Makes grease fittings easy to find
  • Supplied in bags of 100

To protect the labels, lenses are recommended.

These lenses fit securely into the top of the Grease Fitting Protectors and ID Tabs providing a protective barrier above labels. The lenses come in bags of 100.

Grease fitting protectors and lens

Apart from the above mentioned grease fittings packed in bags, they also come in pre-assembled kits, consisting of 3-colours (Blue, Purple and Red) and 6-colours (Blue, Purple, Red, Black, Green and Yellow). This enables you to dedicate a specific colour to a specific grease.

This OilSafe colour-coded system enables the dedication of a specific colour to a specific grease. The GFP has space for labeling, identifying which grease is required for the fitting. You can create your own custom 0.5″ labels or choose from a selection of matching pre-printed 0.5″ label kits.

Features of the OilSafe Grease Fitting Protector Kits:

  • they come in various sizes (1/4″, 13/32″, 17/32″)
  • suit most common grease fittings.
  • Recessed head for secure label placement.
  • Innovative design ensures easy removal from zero fitting — even when wearing gloves.
  • Durable industrial grade materials.
  • Makes grease fittings easy to locate

The 3- and 6-colour grease fitting protector kits:

Grease fitting protector kit

Lastly, grease fitting protectors (caps) make sure that your zerks actually take grease by keeping the grime out and making sure that none of that is clogging them or blocking them when you go to grease.

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