Christmas 2020
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Ian Knight
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Christmas 2020


This Year was IT

Go over the hills, go far away,

Said to Corona, but IT does stay.

A few days more, comes Xmas they say,

The year it flew, just yesterday was May.

Trying to review, if we made some hay,

When the sun did shine, twas it all OK?

For the year in review, a look at each day,

Little goodness to report, for IT was at play.

Silent and unseen, it sought out its prey.

Our bodies its host, like sleeping in hay.

Sickness and death, so much trauma at play,

Shut the doors, don’t mix, stop the pathway.

Ya the year not good, the summary I say.

Now for the days, with Xmas on the way.

Let’s make it special, ín many loving ways,

Merry Xmas All, Best Wishes these days.

Ian Knight

Executive Manager Enluse B.V.