Label holders
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Label Holders identify, protect and reduce machinery downtime


OilSafe Label Holders provide a reliable solution for identifying and labeling equipment in industrial environments. By clearly identifying lubricants and other fluids, these label holders help to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that equipment is properly maintained.

Label Pocket Frame

OilSafe's Label Pocket Frame is an industrial-grade solution for protecting and identifying equipment in industrial environments. These colour-coded frames provide a highly visual and reliable system for ensuring that the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time.

The Label Pocket Frame features a colour-coded frame that matches the OilSafe colour-coding system, which helps to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that the right lubricant is used for the right application. A label or label pocket insert can be placed directly into the frame, making it easy to identify equipment and lubricants.

Label Pocket Frames

The Label Pocket Frame is made from durable, chemical-resistant materials that can withstand harsh conditions and protect labels from deterioration, ensuring that they remain legible and easily identifiable.

The frame is also designed to be easily installed. The label pocket frame can be connected to the equipment via:

  • Label Clamps
  • Swivel Pocket Frame
  • Pocket Frame Leashes
  • High-strength Magnets
  • OilSafe drum rings

Label Clamps

The OilSafe label clamp is a simple, yet effective solution for securely attaching a label to equipment or machinery. The clamp is made of a durable and chemical-resistant material and can be easily attached to equipment.

The clamp is also designed to hold a label securely in place, preventing it from falling off or becoming damaged. This helps to ensure that equipment is properly identified and that the right lubricant is used for the right application.

OilSafe Label Clamp 204001Label Clamp

Swivel Pocket Frame

One of the key features of the OilSafe Swivel Pocket Frame is its swivel joint design. This allows the frame to be easily adjusted to different orientations, making it ideal for use in tight or awkward spaces where traditional label holders may not fit. The swivel joint provides a flexible mounting solution that can be customized to suit the specific needs of the user, making it a versatile option for industrial environments.

Another advantage of the OilSafe Swivel Pocket Frame is its easy adjustment of the pocket frame. The pocket frame is designed to hold a label or label pocket insert, which can be easily inserted and removed from the frame as needed. This makes it simple to update or replace labels as necessary, without the need to remove the entire frame from the equipment.

Swivel pocket frame 205002Swivel pocket frame

Pocket Frame Leashes

The Pocket Frame Leash is a specialized accessory designed to keep Pocket Frames and Label Pockets tight and secure. This Industrial grade, reusable leash is specifically designed for securing Pocket Frames to items such as OilSafe colour-coded Drum Rings, ID Tabs, and Grease Fitting Protectors.

The leash is made from durable, chemical-resistant materials that can withstand harsh conditions and protect labels from deterioration. The leash is designed to hold the pocket frame securely in place, preventing it from becoming detached or damaged during use.

One of the main benefits of using the OilSafe Pocket Frame Leash is that it provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution for securing pocket frames to different types of equipment. The leash is versatile and can be used with a range of OilSafe products, making it a flexible solution for industrial environments.

Pocket frame leash - OilSafe - 202002Pocket Frame Leash

High Strength Magnets

The high-strength magnets are custom-built to securely affix the label pockets and colour-coded frames to metal surfaces, which can help prevent misapplication of fluids and make it easier for operators to find what they need.

High-strength magnets fix label pockets / frames to bulk fluid barrels, totes, storage racks, machinery equipment or any other metal surface.

By using high-strength magnets and label frames, companies can improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure that their operations run smoothly.

High Strength Magnets - 203002High-strength magnet

Colour-coded Drum Ring

The OilSafe colour-coded drum ring is a product designed to help with the identification and organization of fluids in drums. The drum ring is a plastic ring that fits around the opening of the 3, 5 and 10 liter OilSafe drums, and it comes in a variety of 10 colours that correspond to specific types of fluids.

One of the features of the OilSafe drum ring is that it includes a hook that can be used to hang a label pocket or -frame. By hanging the label pocket frame from the hook on the drum ring, operators can easily see the information about the fluid in the drum, including its type, quantity, and other relevant details.

By using label pocket frames in conjunction with colour-coded drum rings or other labeling systems, companies can improve their efficiency and accuracy in handling fluids.

Colour-coded drum ringsColour-coded drum rings

Lockable Drum Ring

The lockable drum ring is made of industrial-grade materials and is designed to provide a secure way of attaching label pockets and frames to the container.

One of the key features of the lockable drum ring is its ability to be locked, which provides an added level of security for the container and its contents.

The lockable drum ring is held securely in place by a locking lug, which helps prevent the ring from coming loose or falling off during transport or handling. It is designed to be used in conjunction with an OilSafe lid, which further helps to secure the container and prevent any spills or leaks.

The combination of the locking lug, lockable drum ring, and OilSafe lid provides a highly secure and reliable system for handling and storing fluids and lubricants in industrial settings. The use of colour-coded label pockets and frames also helps to improve organization and accuracy, making it easier for operators to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Lockable drum ring, a secure way to attach label pockets and framesLockable Drum Ring

The OilSafe Label Pocket Frame provides a simple and reliable solution for ensuring that equipment is properly labeled and identified, which can help to improve maintenance practices, prevent equipment failure, and increase productivity in industrial environments.