Decolube drum transfer unit
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Decolube drum transfer unit


The Decolube drum transfer unit is a device designed for the purpose of transferring liquids from drums to other containers. It offers a budget-friendly alternative to the standard Decolube drum transfer unit, omitting the inclusion of a filter. This unit operates on 230 Vac power supply and is equipped with both a suction tube and a 4-meter pressure hose.

The Decolube drum transfer unit stands as a versatile tool with a wide range of applications for liquid transfer. Its straightforward operation makes it particularly well-suited for businesses and individuals that require frequent liquid transfers.

Key Features of the Decolube Drum Transfer Unit:

  • Budget-friendly version without a filter
  • Powered by 230 Vac
  • Includes a suction tube
  • Compatible with 200-liter drums as standard (optionally available for 60-liter drums with a shorter tube)
  • Equipped with a 4-meter pressure hose
  • Versatile for transferring various types of liquids
  • User-friendly design

Benefits of the Decolube Drum Transfer Unit:

  • Time and effort-saving
  • Minimizes the risk of spills
  • Enhances overall safety
  • Boosts efficiency

If you are looking for a way to save time, effort, and improve safety when transferring oils within a workshop environment, the Decolube drum transfer unit is a good option to consider.

Decolube drum transfer unit

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