High Humidity/High Dust Applications

X-series desiccant breathers X505


X-Series Breathers are the perfect solution for high humidity and high dust environments. To extend the desiccant's life, the X-Series incorporates two check valves and a reusable top cap. The check valves provide a closed system until airflow is required, extending the service life of the desiccant. Specifically, the intake check valve allows airflow into the breather only when differential pressure between the atmosphere and fluid reservoir exceeds a 0.1-psi threshold, while the exhaust check valve permits air to exit the reservoir when the differential pressure exceeds a 2.0-psi threshold. A 0.1-psi check valve is also available for exhaust.

When the gold silica gel cartridge turns dark green, simply install a new replacement cartridge to keep things moving.

Case Story

A manufacturing Company in the Midwestern United States had an application where a fluid storage tank required 58 cfm (equivalent to 435 gpm) air flow capacity. They were also concerned how often they would have to climb up and change the breather due to its location on top of the tall tank. 

Two Air Sentry® X-122 breathers are mounted on a manifold

The solution was to provide two 35 cfm rated X-Series breathers doubling their capacity to 70 cfm. By combining these breathers and enlarging their mounting adapter we were able to exceed the flow rate requirements. 


High Humidity / High Dust


High Humidity / High Dust Applications - Paper Mills • Wash-Down Areas • Steam-Cleaning Rooms • Mine Quarries

Base Material: 

100% Silica Gel

Check Valve PSI In/Out:

0.1 PSI to 2.1 PSI  (varies by model)

Mounting Connections: 

Slip fit, ½” NPT, 1” NPT, 2” NPT

X-series desiccant breathers

Air Sentry Guardian breathers


Download the Technical Specs here

X-series desiccant breathers technical specs

Replacement Cartridges for the X-series Breathers

The modular design allows for economical replacement of the desiccant cartridge.


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