L-series desiccant breathers


Air Sentry® In-Line Filter/Dryers (L-Series) remove water vapor and solid contaminants from air exhaust lines, low pressure compressed air lines, vacuum lines, and other in-line airflow applications where clean, dry air is required.

L-Series Breathers are available with 100% silica gel. Air enters the filter/dryer in one end and is cleaned and dried before leaving the other end. Solid particles are removed down to 2 microns. Water vapor is removed as the air passes through a bed of silica gel. 

The units are disposable and easy to install in the airline between a compressor and a hydraulic tank, or other similar applications. 

Activated carbon versions are ideal for removing undesirable fumes and odors from air or other gases being vented to the atmosphere. 

L-Series is rated up to 60 psi and mounted on the regulated side of the air line.


In-line Low Airflow Applications


Air Exhaust Lines • Vacuum Lines • Low Pressure Compressed Air Lines • Marine Vehicles

Base Material: 

100% Silica Gel

Maximum Pressure:

60 PSI

This Series works great on removing fumes and odors when activated carbon is used in place of the silica gel. 

L-series desiccant breathers


  • Minimize rust and corrosion 
  • Reduce component wear 
  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Prolong fluid life 
  • Reduce oil oxidation 
  • Enhance lubrication 
  • Eliminate fumes and odors 
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