Ideal for most Applications

Guardia Breather G5

Enhance Equipment Protection with The GUARDIAN Breather Series

The GUARDIAN is Air Sentry's industry leading breather series. Some models feature an isolation check valve that keeps exhaust air from depleting the desiccant and protects from volatile fumes and splashing fluids.

The GUARDIAN's casing is constructed from Tritan®, a patented material highly resistant to impact and chemicals with a broad range of operating temperatures. These unique features equate to a longer life for your breather and your equipment. Tritan® is a recyclable material.


GUARDIAN's modular construction and optional add-on features allow you to customise each Guardian model to your specific application requirements. From the isolation check valve, to its stackable design, from its wash-down cap, or its compound indicating gauge, to the high-capacity HEPA filter, the GUARDIAN will last longer and reduce downtime giving you the flexibility you need to protect your industrial assets.

The Guardian

Isolation Check valves and 

Tritan-casing equate to a longer life

for Breather and Equipment.


Ideal for most applications.

The Guardian is the only desiccant breather series that Air Sentry recommends for diesel fuel applications* (noIt recommended for other fuel applications)

*Guardian breathers used on diesel fuel applications must be accompanied with an isolation check valve. See Guardian models ending in NC, NG, NGC. Not available in models ending in N.

Base Material: 

100% Silica Gel

Cartridge Length: 

5”, 8” and 12”  

Guardian desiccant breather
  • Check Values (8):  In/Out 0.1 PSI
  • Particle Filter: 2 mu absolute | cartridge top/bottom
  • Mounting Connection Female: 1” NPT, 2”NPT, 1”BSP
  • Maximum Air Flow: 25 cfm
  • Maximum Fluid Flow: 187 gpm
  • Replacement Cartridges: 5”, 8”, 12”
  • Medium: silica gel, molecular sieve, activate carbon
  • Ring Seals: Top Cap and Base
  • Compound Pressure Gauge: Optional
  • Isolation Check Valve: Optional (recommended)
  • Construction Material: Tritan®
  • The Guardian Breather

    Guardian Models

    Small Sizes

    Medium Sizes

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    Large Sizes

    guardian sizes large

    Replacement cartridges Guardian


    Some of the unique features of the Guardian

    Guardian breather with 4 check valves

    4 Check Valves

    Four check valves in the top cap, open at 0.1 PSI,  providing redundant air flow into the reservoir. Four check valves in the base, open at 0.1 PSI, allowing exhausting air to by-pass a reverse path through the silica gel 

    Optional Isolation Check Valve

    The optional Isolation Check Valve provides maximum protection for the silica gel.

    Exhausting air flowing from a fluid reservoir may carry oil mist, heavy vapors or bring moisture from contaminated oil. The Check Valve acts as a barrier to splashing fluids.

    Mounting ring Guardian

    Modular Stackable Ring*

    By using the Modular Stackable Ring, you are able to attach GUARDIAN breather cartridges to extend the service life. This Stackable Ring also allows for the addition of the High-Capacity Air Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.
    Aluminum mounting ring

    Aluminum Mounting Ring

    The aluminum mounting ring is molded into the base for strength and vibration resistance. Mounting connections include 1”NPT, 2”NPT and 1”BSP.

    Guardian shield wash down cap

    Shield Wash Down Cap 

    The Guardian™ Shield prevents wind, rain, or high pressure spray (wash-down) from opening check valves in the top cap. It also works well on mobile equipment, in extremely dirty or dusty environments.  It’s easy to install on the Guardian™, X Series or XR Series.

    Compound Vacuum / Pressure Gauge

    The optional Integrated Compound Vacuum / Pressure Gauge provides a constant visual indicator of airflow performance
    High capacity air filter

    High Capacity Air Filter

    GUARDIAN's High-Capacity Air Filter can be used with a desiccant cartridge or as a standalone particle filter. Its 0.3-micron HEPA filter is 99.7% efficient. Ideal for extremely dirty/dusty environments.
    Customise your breather with a Stack Ring Adapter.

    The additional cartridge you can add, may contain silica gel, activated carbon or molecular sieve.

    These secondary agents protect equipment from:
    • caustic fumes, 
    • extend the performance range or 
    • increase the life of a desiccant breather.

    Connecting two cartridges of similar size reduces air flow 50%.

    Activated carbon cartridge
    Activated Carbon
    Molecular sieve cartridge
    Molecular Sieve
    Silica gel cartridge
    Silica gel

    Manifold Adapter Kit

    The Manifold Adapter Kit (Part nr. A630) comes with a 1" MNPT and allows mounting of up to 4 breathers on one piece of equipment. Mounting multiple units produces greater airflow resulting in less frequent breather replacements. Made of heavy duty anodized aluminum for years of service in harsh environments. 

    The Manifold Adapter Kit is recommended when a reservoir's air flow requirement exceeds the CFM rating of a single desiccant breather.

    The Manifold Adapter Kit supports the combined air flow of up to four 1” mounted breathers.

    Guardian manifold apater kit


    Manifold kit with 2 breathers

    Selecting the right model

    Guardian breathers

    When it comes to selecting breathers, the “one size fits all” approach is not really ideal. It is quite a job to find your way in all the different designs available today. But Breather selection is an important part of the process of developing a world-class lubrication program and should not be oversimplified.

    Multiple factors need to be considered

    before choosing a desiccant breather:

    Determine CFM requirement:

    Select a model that exceeds a reservoir's air flow requirement (CFM).  Include a margin of safety.

    Choose the Right Series:

    Consider the environment; select a model that best fits the challenges of the application.  Environment examples - vibration, mobile equipment, high humidity and extreme dust.

    Determine Connection Size:

    Identify the breather mounting location; the best location is often the exiting vent   Select a  model with a similar mounting connection.  If necessary, it’s ok to us an adaptor / reducer.  Be careful not to restrict airflow.

    Evaluate Mounting Area:

    Evaluate the available space for the breather.  If space is limited or other issues apply (heat, oil mist, vibration, etc.), remote mount the breather. Remote mount using extension pipes, hoses, adapters etc.

    Download the Technical Specs here


    Air Sentry Guardian

    The Innovative Desiccant Breather

    How is a Guardian part number built

    The part number should be seen as a logical identifier of a particular part design. The purpose is to simplify reference to that part. Explanation on building a Guardian part number with the help of the Guardian Selector Tool.

    Example: part nr. G5S1NGC

    The Guardian Selector Tool


    In plain words part nr. G5S1NGC means: a Guardian breather with a cartridge length of 5", of which the cartridge is filled with silica gel, the thread size is 1" NPT and it is equipped with the optional compound gauge and isolation check valve.

    What applications are Guardian breathers especially beneficial for

    Hydraulic systems 

    with high air flow, misting oil or foaming caused by large cylinders


    with sling oil lubricators

    Fuel tanks

    Bottom fill

    Remote equipment

    with long service intervals such as wind turbines and offshore platforms

    Hazardous locations

    difficult to service

    Find Here the perfect Breather for your application

    Well done! Your journey to finding the ideal Breather for your application begins now!

    Prices for all Guardian Breathers you'll find in our Webshop.

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