Limited Space Applications

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Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limited or air flow requirements are lower than 5 cfm.

The Z-Series is typically used on gearboxes and low fluid volume applications where mounting space is limited or where a larger breather will not fit without remote mounting.

Case Story

It isn’t unusual to change oil every two to three months in paper mill gearboxes, and sumps because the air contains large amounts of water and particulates. With a standard vent cap or air filter, these contaminants quickly enter the fluid reservoir leading to dirty oil that won’t adequately lubricate. 

When one paper mill started using Air Sentry® breathers on gearboxes, sumps, hydraulic reservoirs, and lubrication systems, they were able to extend oil change intervals to 12 to 15 months. The benefits include not only longer oil life but also reduced downtime to change the oil. 


Limited space applications


Gearboxes • Drums • Totes • Small Oil Containers

Base Material: 

100% Silica Gel

Mounting Connections: 

1/2” Female NPT  

Z-series breathers


  • Protects expensive equipment
  • Ideal solution for fluid contamination problems
  • Filters damaging particles
  • Reduces other contaminates
  • Blocks corrosive water vapor
  • Disposable- replace when desiccant color changes from gold to green
Air Sentry Guardian breathers

Download the Technical Specs here

Z-series breathers technical specs

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