Colour coded quick connects

Colour-Coded Quick Connects

Cross-contamination ends here

Colour-coded Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplings

The Quick Connect/Disconnect couplings can best be described as fittings used to mate fluid lines with equipment that requires repeated connections and disconnections. The coupling consists of  a male-end, which is inserted into a female socket to make a secure, leak-tight seal. With minimal effort the assembly can be quickly undone . 

OilSafe’s Quick Connects offer a flexible, durable and safe hose interface for use with lubrication management equipment. Manufactured from anodised aluminum, then colour-coded, these connects are specially designed to eliminate cross-contamination once and for all.

They are available in 10 familiar OilSafe colours or silver to easily identify fluid contents and set the bar with an error-proof/exclusive fit; only two terminals of the same colour can fully connect, making

cross-contamination impossible.

Colour-coded quick connects

Each colour coded, keyed, female colour connector only fits its male matching colour. 

The silver Quick Connect  is available as a universal fit (not keyed) for all 10 colours. 


FAQ Quick Connects

How do Quick Connects work?

There is a male- and a female side. When they are apart they are sealed. Which means that even when under pressure, they will hold in the fluid.
Once mated, the valves open and the circuit is completed.

What are the advantages of Quick Connects?

Quick Connects mean:
- fast separation of lines
- fast connection of lines
- no tools needed
- no leakage

What are the advantages of a flat face Quick Connect?

- Easy to identify because both sides have a flat face.

- Because of the flat face they are easy to wipe off before use. Thereby preventing contamination from getting into the system.

- A flat face male nipple will mate with a female flat face coupler regardless of the manufacturer.

Filter cart + colour-coded quick connects

Filter Carts & Quick Connects

On the ends of our transfer hoses we have colourised quick disconnects, These are zero leak, quick disconnects, flat face style. When they're mated and disconnected, there's zero leak. They are one of the cleanest available in the industry. You no longer have to carry rags or floor dry. When you're using the filter cart, it is one of the cleanest available.
These quick disconnects can be put on to your gearboxes, your turbines, your hydraulic, reservoirs, the OilSafe bulk systems. Wherever your are adding or taking oils out or doing offline filtration these quick disconnects can be used to help identify the fluids by dedicating the colours, 

One of the neatest aspects in addition to them being zero leak, is that you cannot connect differentiating colours. You cannot connect the red to the blue or the purple to the green, This helps eliminate cross contamination. It doesn't reduce it, it eliminates it.

It makes for clean connections, safe connections,

AND it also makes it air proof. 

The Colour-coded Quick connects are available as an upgrade option on most OilSafe systems, including: Advanced Bulk Systems, Lubrication Work Centers, Transfer Skids, 65 Gallon Advanced Fluid Cart, 55 Gallon Drum Work Stations, Tote Skids, Filter Carts, as well as Filter Carts and storage systems from other manufacturers.

Call for upgrade kit part numbers.


Adapter-kits Air Sentry

Adapter-kits Air Sentry
Colour-coded quick connects

The OilSafe Quick Connects keep your machinery and fluids lasting longer. Your work environment will maintain safe. The connections stay precise and secure, which eliminate leaks, spills and waste.

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