DigoLevel S200L
Greetje Wesselink

Streamline Your Oil Drum Management with the DigOLevel S200L


Are you tired of the guesswork and hassle involved in monitoring the contents of your lubricant-filled drums? Say goodbye to outdated methods that risk contamination and inaccuracies. Enter the DigOLevel S200L – your ultimate solution for precise, contamination-free oil level monitoring.

Digolevel S200L - Digital Level IndicatorDigOLevel S200L

The Problem with Traditional Methods

Traditional methods like dipsticks or analogue meters with floaters are prone to inaccuracies and contamination risks. And who wants to rely on guesswork by weighing or tilting drums? It's time for a smarter, more reliable approach.

Introducing the DigOLevel S200L

Equipped with state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Level Detection Technology , the DigOLevel S200L ensures accurate measurement without any contact with the lubricant, keeping your drums contamination-free and compliant with Lubrication Reliability™ standards.

Digolevel S200L - Digital Level Indicator

Key Features

  • Compatible with all standard 200-liter drums, whether steel or plastic.
  • Easy mounting onto ¾” G thread, ensuring hassle-free installation.
  • Powered by long-lasting 2 x AAA batteries for continuous operation.
  • Provides clear indication of drum content levels, issuing a warning at the minimum level (20 liters) and a critical alarm below the threshold (10 liters).
  • Displays accurate environmental temperature in Celsius, giving you comprehensive monitoring capabilities.


With the DigOLevel S200L, managing your oil drum levels has never been easier or more reliable. Don't settle for outdated methods that compromise accuracy and risk contamination. Upgrade to the DigOLevel S200L today and experience the future of oil drum management.

DigOLevel S200L revolutionizes oil drum management, offering precise monitoring without compromise. Its Ultrasonic Level Detection Technology ensures accuracy and reliability, setting a new standard for efficiency in lubricant management.

Digolevel S200L - Digital Level Indicator

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