3D Oil Sight Glass (BullsEye)

The perfect solution for a quick oil level inspection!

►3D Oil Sight Glass (BullsEye)

The 3D Oil Sight Glass (BullsEye) can be looked upon as a small window into our machine, providing a wealth of information. Apart from indicating that there is enough oil in the sump, the 3D oil sight glasses also offer an opportunity to monitor the oil. It's a first-hand account of any problems that are occurring.

The BullsEye 3D Oil Sight Glass is threaded into a port, where the oil level should be maintained during operation (oil level is half way up the sight glass).

Advantages of a 3D Oil Sight Glass:

  • oil level confirmation

  • aerated oil detection

  • foam detection

  • water emulsion detection

  • oil volume detection

  • oil colour detection

  • easy to install

Whatever level is seen in the BullsEye is what the oil level actually is.


Installing a sight glass is a relatively simple process. However, if the sight glass is not properly installed, the oil readings will be wrong, which means trouble!

Example of how to install a Luneta oil sight glass:

  • Apply thread sealer to the threads before installation.
  • Hand-thread the Sight Glass into the port.
  • Use a crescent wrench or 1-5/16" socket wrench to tighten until the hex nut contacts the port face (or if applicable, until the O-ring is compressed).
  • Check for leaks and apply more thread sealer if necessary.
  • Do not over-tighten.


  • Storage Tanks
  • Pumps
  • Viewport Replacement
  • Gearboxes

Available Thread Options

  • NPT
  • Metric
  • BSPP

FAQ 3D BullsEye Oil Sight Glasses

What material is a 3D BullsEye made of?

The 3-D BullsEye is made from a UV resistant polyamide material which has enhanced performance compared to the conventional acrylic product.

What is the temperature range for extremely cold or hot applications?

The material that the 3D BullsEye is made of can withstand exceedingly low temperatures from -40°F to temperatures as high as 200°F (-40°C to 93°C).

Are there any rules or regulations involving sight glasses?

The food industry cannot use glass products due to federal regulations on devices that could produce shards of glass upon failure.


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