The Hub

Turns One Port into Five!

The Hub of Lubricant Monitoring

The Hub provides two lateral 1” NPT ports, two lateral ¾” NPT ports, and one central ¼” NPT port that is designed primarily for a sampling valve. The central port is shielded to protect the sampling valve from accidental impacts and debris. The lateral ports can be used to attach drain valves, quick connects, filter carts, bowls, columns and sight glasses.

The Hub is adjustable every 45° so an optimal orientation can be achieved during installation. The Hub is best used in conjunction with Luneta’s Column and Bowl. The Hub ships with a sampling valve, stainless steel pilot tube and four steel plugs to seal any unused ports.

Available Male Thread Sizes:

  • NPT 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1-1/2”
  • BSPP 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”




Part nr.DescriptionABCD
HUB.075NPT0.75" NPT3.5"2.9"3.5"0.75"
HUB.100NPT1" NPT3.5"2.9"3.5"1.0"
HUB.125NPT1.25" NPT3.5"2.9"3.5"1.25"
HUB.150NPT1.5" NPT3.5"2.9"3.5"1.5"
HUB.075BSPP0.75" BSPP3.5"2.9"3.5"0.75"
HUB.100BSPP1" BSPP3.5"2.9"3.5"1.0"


A = Width, B = Length, C = Diameter, D = Port-Size

Shipping Weight:3.5 lbs. (for qty. 1).
Recommended Temp. Range: -13°F to +400°F (-10.6˚C to +204˚C).
Recommended PSI: 500 psi working and 125 psi for sampling.
Body Material: Heavy-duty powder-coated cast aluminum and zinc plated steel.
Pilot Tube: 1/4" Stainless steel, 12" long.
Sample Port: High flow, easy access with shielded design.
Easy Install: Hub Body is easily attached with supplied bolts and can be adjusted every 45-degress to achieve optimal orientation.
Lateral Ports: (2) 1" NPT and (2) 3/4" NPT, Includes (4) low profile plugs for sealing lateral ports when not in use and installation hex key is included.



Lateral Ports(4) threaded lateral ports providing versatility for machine condition monitoring attachments like BS&W bowls and quick connects for filter carts.
Pilot tubeLarge diameter 12" pilot tube for high viscosity sampling.
Recessed Oil Sampling PortSample port is recessed into the Hub body, preventing inadvertent impacts. High-flow design for extracting high viscosity oils, even at low pressures.
Easy InstallIntutive two piece design, which allows for quick installation and enables easy 35-degree orientation adjustments.
Designed for:Gearboxes, Hydraulic Reservoirs, Tote Containers, Industrial Equipment.

Additional Information

The Hub Luneta
The Hub - oil sampling
The Hub - oil sampling

Luneta - smart products - reliable machines

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What are the features of the Hub?

1) Pull samples with the built-in sampling port.
2) Convert 1 port into multiples
3) Attach oil sight glasses
4) Attach Bottom Sediment Bowls
5) Attach Quick Connects for Filter Carts
6) Attach drain valves or similar

Of what material is the Hub made of?

Heavy-duty powder-coated cast aluminum and zinc plated steel

What are the available thread sizes?

0.75", 1", 1.25", 1.5" NPT
0.75", 1" BSPP


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