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Installation Procedure of Air Sentry disposable Breathers


Please find below a summary of the installation procedure of Air Sentry disposable breathers. The Air Sentry Breather and Adapter replace the standard breather cap. However, the adapter does not need to be changed when installing a replacement breather.

Installation Procedure

  1. Remove Air Sentry Breather from plastic bag.
  2. Thereafter remove white cap from the standpipe at the bottom of the Breather
  3. and remove the Air Seal from around the top of the Breather by pulling down on the tab.
  4. Mount the Breather on a tank or reservoir using the adapter best suited to the application.

Air Sentry breatherAir Sentry disposable breather installation procedure

The Air Sentry disposable breathers are rated for 35 SCFM airflow. This is the equivalent of 260 gallons per minute of fluid volume change within the reservoir. Other Air Sentry Breathers are available for applications requiring larger airflow capacity.

Adapters for installing Air Sentry Disposable Breathers

These adapters are designed to satisfy most applications for breathers installed on new reservoir or “in-the-field” applications. They do not need to be changed when installing a replacement Air Sentry Breather. The adapters are designed to accommodate reservoirs that currently use breather caps, spin-on filter cartridges or other breathers.

Breather Adapter specificationsAdapters for installing Air Sentry disposable breathers


Adapter Specifications

Flange Adapter

Flange adapters, used with breathers have a 1″ slip-fit connection, are used for reservoirs where the tank wall is not thick enough to allow for tapping threads. With the Model A101 adapter, mounting holes can be drilled in the high impact ABS molded flange to mate with any required hole pattern.

  • Base material: High Impact ABS
  • Connection to Breather: Slip Fit – 1 inch
  • Connection to Reservoir: Customer drilled holes, Six 3/8 inch clearance holes spaced 60 degrees apart on 2 7/8 inch diameter center
  • Brand: Air Sentry
  • Part # A101

Threaded Adapters

The threaded adapters, suitable for use with Air Sentry breathers that have a 1″ slip fit connection, are intended for reservoirs or gerarboxes with a wall thickness sufficient for a tapped hole. Nale and female NPT and male BSP thread versions are available.

  • Brand: Air Sentry
  • Part # A102 (1″ MNPT) and # A103 (3/4″ MNPT)

Slip Fit Bayonet Adapters

Slip Fit Bayonet Adapters replace a standard breather cap on hydraulic reservoirs. Simply remove the breather cap, place the bayonet adapter on the breather flange and rotate one-quarter turn. No tank modification is required. Bayonet adapters fit Air Sentry breathers with a 1″ slip fit connection.

  • Base material: High Density EDPM, Gasket, Metal Dowel
  • Connection to Breather: Slip Fit – 1 inch
  • Connection to Reservoir: Bayonet push & turn connection
  • M1 (inches) 2 3/4
  • L (inches) 1 5/8
  • Brand: Air Sentry
  • Part # A104

Spin-On Adapters

Threaded spin-on adapters replace the standard spin-on particle filters, made by many manufacturers. These adapters fit Air Sentry breathers with 1″slip-fit connections and they are available in different sizes and thread configurations. No tank modifications are required.

For detailed information on Air Sentry adapters please download the “Adapter Specifications” flyer or visit our webshop.