Threaded metal adapters

What are adapters

An adapter is a component that connects two pieces of equipment with different connection types or sizes. It is used to ensure a secure and leak-free connection between the two components. Adapters come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of various materials such as brass, stainless steel, or plastic.

Adapters are used in fluid handling systems to connect two or more pieces of equipment or fluid lines. They are designed to allow for easy and quick connection and disconnection, minimizing downtime and improving efficiency in fluid transfer operations.

For example, an adapter can be used to connect a pump with a threaded connection to a hose with a camlock or quick-connect fitting.

Adapters and quick connects play a crucial role in fluid handling systems, allowing for easy and efficient connection and disconnection of fluid lines and equipment. They can help to minimize downtime and improve the overall efficiency of fluid transfer operations