Noria MLA/MLT training
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Mastering Machinery Lubrication: The Power of Noria's MLA/MLT Training


In the intricate world of industrial machinery, precision and reliability have been the pillars of success for well over a century. Established in 1893, Whitmore, a venerable company in the realm of machinery reliability, has a storied history and a deep understanding of the pivotal role that proper lubrication plays in achieving these goals.

Whitmore is thrilled to announce the collaboration with Noria Corporation, a trailblazer in promoting best practices in lubrication, as we support their

 Lubrication Training Course

Shared Commitment to Lubrication Excellence:

For over 25 years, Noria Corporation has championed the cause of best-practice-based lubrication programs across industries. Their wealth of knowledge is unmatched, and they have been instrumental in establishing effective blueprints for lubrication excellence. Proper lubrication involves more than just the mechanical act of oil application; it encompasses the science and art of selecting the right lubricants, ensuring their correct storage, precise filtration and testing, and optimizing their application for machinery efficiency.

Whitmore's Dedication to Machinery Reliability:

The collaboration with Noria's MLA/MLT training, facilitated through the brand OilSafe, goes beyond sponsorship. It's a strategic alliance built on a shared vision of elevating machinery reliability and promoting industry-wide efficiency.

OilSafe and Noria

Elevating Machinery Reliability: 

Machinery reliability is the linchpin of operational success. Downtime caused by equipment failures can be not only costly but also disruptive. By aligning with Noria's MLA/MLT training, we are investing in the knowledge and expertise of professionals who are at the forefront of machinery maintenance. These individuals will become proficient in identifying and resolving lubrication challenges, interpreting lubrication and oil analysis metrics, and grasping pivotal concepts like thermal stability, air and foam control, and the prevention of lubricant degradation.

Promoting Industry Efficiency: 

Our collaboration with Noria's training program extends beyond improving machine reliability. It's about ensuring that our clients have access to well-trained specialists who can optimize equipment performance and extend its operational lifespan. This level of support aids industries in achieving higher efficiency and sustainability by reducing unplanned downtime and curbing maintenance expenditures.

In an industrial landscape where machinery underpins countless operations, Whitmore and Noria share a common goal:

Empower experts who are the backbone of maintaining smooth operations. 

The collaboration with Noria's MLA/MLT I certification training in the UK underscores the commitment to excellence and best practices in lubrication within the industry.

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Working in unison, we will persist in guaranteeing that industrial machinery operates at its peak, consistently delivering efficiency and reliability day after day.