hoses with anti-drip hook and 1/4

What are discharge hoses

Discharge hoses of various lengths with anti-drip hook outlet or NPT male end for pumps are necessary for several reasons:


Having discharge hoses of various lengths provides flexibility in pumping applications. Depending on the specific use case, a shorter or longer hose may be required to reach the desired location for pumping. This can be particularly important in situations where access to the pumping location is limited.

Anti-drip hook outlet:

An anti-drip hook outlet on the discharge hose prevents dripping or spilling of the liquid being pumped. This feature is particularly important when handling hazardous or expensive liquids where even a small spill could have serious consequences.

NPT male end:

A discharge hose with an NPT male end can be easily connected to a wide range of pumps and other equipment, making it a versatile choice. This eliminates the need for additional adapters or fittings, which can be time-consuming and add additional costs.


Using a discharge hose that is the correct length and has the appropriate outlet or end can improve the efficiency of the pumping system. This can result in faster pumping times, reduced waste, and improved accuracy in delivering the liquid being pumped.


The use of a discharge hose with an anti-drip hook outlet or NPT male end can improve safety in the pumping process. By reducing the risk of spills or leaks, the likelihood of injury or damage to property is reduced.