Air Breather kit

What is an air breather kit for spout lids

The Air Breather Kit is an accessory that can be used with OilSafe spout lids to provide a venting system for the drum. The Air Breather Kit helps to equalize pressure inside the drum and prevents air bubbles from forming when dispensing fluid from the drum. It also allows for the smooth flow of fluid from the drum by allowing air to enter as the fluid is dispensed.

Air breather kit to replace auto-shut-off air breather button of OilSafe pout lidsAir breather kit for OilSafe spout lids

The Air Breather Kit is especially useful when working with oils or other fluids that are sensitive to contamination, such as hydraulic fluids or lubricants. These fluids can be contaminated with dirt, dust, or other particulate matter when the drum is opened or when the fluid is being dispensed. The Air Breather Kit helps to prevent this by providing a clean source of air to the drum.

Air breather kit and OilSafe spout lidsOilSafe Spout lids and the air breather kit

The Air Breather Kit is easy to install and comes with all the necessary components, including the air breather filter and adapter, which can be installed on the spout lid. The Air Breather Kit can also be retrofitted onto existing spout lids, making it a convenient upgrade for any OilSafe drum setup.