Get the most out of your data

Fluid analysis data is a key component to a successful asset reliability and maintenance tracking program. Do you feel the frustration of accessing multiple systems to manage your fluid analysis data and equipment information? Then DataCollect is the solution. A one-stop shop for accessing and managing your equipment maintenance. Saving you time and money!

The DataConnect functionality allows you to automatically import your HORIZON sample data into your own maintenance management system. Organise your equipment data, submit samples and evaluate the testing results – all within one system.

  • Eliminate multiple systems
  • Organise your data
  • Submit samples
  • Evaluate results
  • Manage and update your equipment

DataConnect works with several CMMS solutions including eMaint, TANGO, Maximo and more.

DataConnect can help you:

  • Increase visibility of your maintenance program
  • Reduce the costs of staff training
  • Quickly react to fluid analysis sample results
  • Eliminate the need for multiple systems
  • Prove your program’s value to your leadership
  • Instantly manage and update your equipment, and add new components