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OilSafe Bulk System Filters are a type of filtration system designed to remove contaminants from lubricating oils and fluids used in industrial machinery and equipment. These filters are commonly used in maintenance and storage systems where oil is dispensed in bulk quantities.

bulk system filters

The β2000 Micro Glass Anti-Static Filters are a specific type of filter element used in OilSafe Bulk System Filters. These filters are designed to provide high-efficiency filtration by capturing very small particles and preventing them from circulating in the oil system. The "beta" rating is a measure of the filter's efficiency, indicating the percentage of particles of a certain size that the filter can remove.

Efficient operation with minimum pressure drop and high flow rate.

Micro Glass

The term "micro glass" refers to the material used in the filter element. Micro glass fibers are densely packed to create a fine filtration medium that can effectively trap particles. These fibers are constructed from borosilicate glass, which provides excellent chemical resistance and high filtration performance.

Anti Static

The "anti-static" feature of these filters is important in industrial environments where static electricity can be a concern. It helps to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can occur when fluids pass through the filter. By reducing or eliminating static charge buildup, these filters contribute to a safer working environment by minimizing the risk of sparks and fires.

Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

Overall, OilSafe Bulk System Filters with Beta2000 Micro Glass Anti-Static Filters offer reliable and efficient filtration of lubricating oils and fluids, helping to maintain the cleanliness and performance of industrial machinery. They are designed to meet the demands of industrial environments and provide effective particle removal while also addressing the issue of static electricity.

Part Numbers 14.2" Filter

14.2" Filter Element β2000  - 4µP/N 469962
14.2" Filter Element β2000  - 7µP/N 469964
14.2" Filter Element β2000  - 25µP/N 469966
14.2" Water Removal Filter Element β2000  - 20µP/N 469968


Outer diameter4,7 inch (119,38 mm)
Thread size1 3/4 - 12 UN
Length14,24 inch (361,69 mm)
Maximum flow rate65GPM/246ILPM
Filter Media PropretarySynthetic
Working pressure350 PSI / 24,1 BAR

Packaged Dimensions

Gross Length5,1 inch (12,95 cm)
Gross Width5,1 inch (12,95 cm)
Gross Height14,9 inch (37,85 cm)
Gross Weight4,605 LB (2,089 kg)
Gross Volume0,2243 FT3

Other Information

Country of OriginUSA
NMFC Code069100-04
HTS code8421230000

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